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We all use water for drinking throughout the day but have you ever thought about the health damages it may cause to you. Water running in the tab contains millions of bacteria, dust particles, chemicals, and other impurities that are necessary to clean. To clean the water and make it pure for drinking one needs to install drinking water filters in their homes and offices.

Different type of filters is available in the market for different purposes to purify the water and make it clean for a drink. Before going to which filters will be best for use let us have a look at why one should buy a filter? 

Why should I buy the drinking water filter? 

Not just yours, but your family and employee’s health is also important to prevent them from haphazard diseases. Here are the reason that highlight why you should use a water filter. 

Save up your money:

The first thing that all people will happy to hear that by installing a filtration unit, one can save hundreds of dollars. When you bought purify water bottles from the grocery stores, they charge you more, and the water is not sufficient that one can use one bottle throughout the month. However, on the other side, one just has to buy the filtration unit once and use unlimited water without paying to the company.

It ensures the quality of water for drinking

When the filter removes all the impurities and chemicals from water, it automatically makes it pure and clean for drinking. It will maintain the water quality by decaying the unnecessary material and leaving the healthy one. 

Filters make water clean from chlorine

The most significant advantage of purchasing a filter is its ability to clean the drinking water from chlorine because chlorine is harmful to human fitness. 

It minimizes the rate of cancer

As all people know, cancer is a deadly disease, which takes hundreds of people’s lives every year. When filters clean the chlorine and purify the water, it minimizes the risk of breast cancer, colon cancer, bladder cancer, and others. Remember that it decreases the rate not prevent it 100 percent. 

Cut down medical expenses

As in the above points, we discuss that filters prevent us from diseases, which automatically help people to cut down the cost that everyone spends on medical treatments due to illness. 

Stronger immune system

Pure water is always light in drinking and never put a burden on the body to filter the impurities. Filtered water makes the immune system stronger and gives a boost to it. 

Which filters can I buy from the market? 

Are you decided to buy water filters for your kitchen? Before making a purchase, it is necessary to research what will be the best option for your space. Filters are of multiple types, i.e., pitcher water filters, under sink water filtration, faucet-mount filters, water filter reverse osmosis. We discuss each one by one so you can know the pros and cons and make a clear decision. 

  1. Pitcher water filters
  2. Under sink water filtration
  3. Faucet mount filters
  4. Water filter reverse osmosis

1. Pitcher water filters

The first type we are discussing here is the pitcher water filters. You will love to read about the different brands selling pitcher water filters and their pros and cons. 

Aquagear Water Filter Pitcher

The top company we recommend for buying a water filter pitcher is aqua gear because their working is best as compare to other brands. They purify water from harmful components as well as from the harsh one from fluoride and lead. Are you worried about the warranty of the product? Aquagear gives a lifetime warranty of their water filter pitcher. If it comes broken or damaged, contact the company to replace it with the new one. 



Reshape Water Alkaline Water Filter Pitcher

Another brand people love to use for filter the water is reshaping water alkaline. They give extra favor to the buyers by providing two extra cartridges so one can spend a few months without spending on new cartridges. 



2. Under sink water filtration

This is another but efficient type of filters, which processes the water and clean it for drinking purpose. 

CuZn UC-200 under Counter Water Filter

Most of the people like this under the counter water filter and give positive reviews. This effective product is easy to install. It does not require new pipes because it connects directly to the cold water lines. It can produce thousands of gallons of water per day. 



Aquasana AQ-5300 3-Stage Under Sink Water Filter

If the budget causes trouble to you, then this model is great for under sink water filter. Do not go on the cheaper price because it works the same as other costly model does. 



 3. Faucet mount filters

Are you interested in installing faucet mount filters on your taps? Faucet mount filters come in different styles and brands which allows consumers to select according to their choice. However, when the selection choice is large people get confused and waste the money on the useless product. Here we are reviewing the best faucet filter for purchase. 

STRATOMAX faucet mount filters

STRATOMAX brings high-quality faucet mount filters to clean the impurities from water and make it drinkable. 



4. Water filter reverse osmosis

If you are interested in installing the water filter for your household, then water filter reverse osmosis will be the best option we recommend to you. It is easy to install, did not need expert services because it follows easy steps, and takes a few minutes. The other budget-friendly thing is that it has a low maintenance cost. 

Home Master TMULTRA-ERP Reverse Osmosis System

Buy home master reverse osmosis system for purifying water in 2019. This amazing reverse osmosis can produce up to seventy-five percent of water gallons per day. It consists of UV filters that assist in killing viruses and bacteria. 

APEC ROES 6 Stage Reverse Osmosis Water System

One can purchase this budget-friendly filter without disturbing his monthly budget. There is no need to change filters every after few months because the filter neutralizer filter can be used for years. The company provides a booklet comprising of details on how one can adjust it by himself, which makes the installation easy and quick. Not just that, one can watch installation videos on YouTube to solve the problems that come when installing. The most significant advantage of purchasing this filter is that it has a feature to add minerals helps to boost health and makes them taste better. 

Now you have a better understanding of filters brands that you can choose to buy the perfect one for your home or office. 

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