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Floating lamps? The levitating lamp? Check now

Levitating magnetic lamps from Sweden – Flyte. From “fly”, “light” and “float” becomes FLYTE the name of the Swedish brand for floating lightness. With the FLYTE series of the same name, the brand created products that float through space with the help of magnetism. In a world that is becoming faster and faster, people long for deceleration, to simply stop and enjoy the now.

Although the Scandinavian brand could not stop the world and time with its FLYTE series, it allows you to linger for a few moments in the floating infinity. Goodbye gravity and monotony of everyday life and hello to weightlessness.

Floating lamp: 11 years of light through energy-efficient LED’s

The FLYTE table lamp not only astonishes guests but also provides 50,000 hours of pleasant light, i.e. 12 hours a day for 11 years. The FLYTE does not need a battery. It is switched on and off via a touch panel. Wireless, via induction, the power is transmitted from the base to the FLYTE bulb.

Floating lamp: Reminder of American inventors

The FLYTE lights pay homage to the inventors Buckminster Fuller, Nikola Tesla, and Thomas Edison, but also the New York skyline. The base and at the same time the base is made of sustainably cultivated walnut or fine oak wood. The lamps of the variants Manhattan, Buckminster, and Royal consist of Edison style and are made of borosilicate glass. The pleasant atmosphere is created by a star-shaped light wire with seven LEDs. The FLYTE Nikola is an innovative MARCONI luminaire made of polycarbonate with an LED light guide.

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