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How to choose the perfect pillow

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Since we spend a great deal of time sleeping – approximately one-third of our lives – it is necessary that both the mattress and the pillow, the sheets and the blankets are adapted to our needs. For this reason, in the following article, you will learn how to choose the perfect pillow to rest properly.

Why do you need a comfortable pillow?

Witness to our cries and thoughts, companion to our dreams and protector when we are afraid, the pillow is something so personal that we cannot take its choice lightly. Considering that it is the support of our head and neck while we sleep, you should know that by choosing it well, you can avoid the many problems.

What are the rules for choosing the ideal pillow?

The posture we use to sleep and our physical complexion are two issues that should not be overlooked when choosing a pillow and not another one. We must know that when we lie down, the spine must be straight, just as it is when we stand up. From the beginning of the cervical spine to the hip, the hip must be well aligned.

It is always necessary to sleep using a pillow so that our muscles rest and relax. On the contrary, going to bed all night without it is the same as spending the whole day with your neck turned to the side.

In this area, there are a lot of ligaments, joints, and muscles that are stressed during the day. Therefore, it is vital that they relax during the hours we sleep. If this is not the case, we will have pain when we wake up and we will not be able to carry out our daily activities.

Choosing your pillow according to your posture

To be able to choose the right pillow, we need to consider the position we take when sleeping. Traditionally, the following pillows are recommended depending on the position.

There is a kind of “formula” popularly used to identify what size the perfect pillow should be. With a meter, see how far the end of the shoulder is from the face (up to the ear).

To this result, you should add between 2 and 4 cm, depending on the desired hardness. Therefore, those with wider shoulders will need a thicker pillow than those with narrower shoulders.

Relationship between pillows and snoring

Did you know that there are pillows that prevent snoring? As the best position to rest and not to wake up everyone with the serenade of noises is on the side and with the right spine, it is recommended to have an adequate support to these needs.

Obstructive apnea syndrome occurs when the airways are partially or almost completely closed, according to this study by the University of Los Andes. There are patients who present the so-called “position apnea”; that is to say that they only snore when they sleep on their backs.

To avoid this, use a pillow that is not too high. This way, the head will not be bent forward and the ducts will not be obstructed. On the market we can find models specially designed for those who wish to adopt a lateral position so as not to cause airway closures.

On the other hand, remember that a pillow has a shelf life. Usually, this period is between two and three years; after that time, it is necessary to buy a new one. That life span also depends on the number of times you wash it.

For children, many parents wonder at what point they can start using a pillow. Since babies have a larger head in proportion to their bodies, they do not need to use it during the first months of life. When the year is over, it is allowed to be placed on the bed; at the beginning, it must be made of hypoallergenic material and well padded.

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