Best Kitchen Robots

Need some help in the kitchen? The best kitchen robots are really good cooks, who can help you prepare one or more dishes for all your guests.

The models we are going to review succeed in a few seconds to chop kilos of onions, cut the parsley or grate the parmesan cheese in a flash. It only takes a few minutes to make a perfect cake or prepare the dough for the pizza. For example, recipes that use pesto will become easier and faster than ever before!

How to Choose the best kitchen robot

What are all the factors to consider when buying a food processor? Read on to discover all the basic information that will allow you to expand your knowledge of these fantastic appliances.

Kitchen Robots: Power

The power that our food processor must-have is one of the first factors to take into account when making a choice.

Apart from the classic manual food grinder that we all have in the kitchen cabinet, depending on the type of use and functions we need, we will have to opt for a more or less powerful robot.

The 3-in-1 multifunction robots, usually mixers, blenders, and shredders, do not require special powers and allow us to perform all the necessary operations without problems. If we want something with special features, such as the function that allows you to cook food directly in the container of the robot, we must definitely consider a higher power, usually from 750W up.

In any case, all models are equipped with a speed selector that allows you to set the speed of execution depending on the accessories and the result you want to obtain.

Kitchen Robots: Dimensions and shape

The size, capacity, and shape of the container depend on our needs and the space we have available. If we have limited space in the kitchen it is better to opt for something compact and super functional.

On the contrary, if we have a large kitchen we can have fun with most of the models on the market, choosing the one that best suits our needs and our style. The market, on the aesthetic side, offers models for all tastes: compact or a little more generous in size, colored or made of steel, modern or vintage style, the choice is so wide that it can satisfy everyone. The size of the container must also be assessed according to our needs.

If we usually cook for two people we can consider the models equipped with a container with capacity around 1.5/2 liters; on the contrary, if we have a large family and we want to cook risottos and creams we will have to direct our choice to containers of at least 4 liters.

There are also models with a capacity of over 6 liters and engines that allow you to work for longer without overheating that can also be used in small restaurants, bakeries, and bakeries.

Kitchen Robots: Extra features and accessories

The functions of the robots vary depending on the model and use.

Starting from the basic hand shredder, complete with a set of blades of various types, we arrive at the most popular motorized, the so-called 3 in 1, which bring with it the shredder with various discs, blender, and mixer. With the latter, you can do most of the necessary operations in the kitchen, such as slicing, chopping, grating, kneading, snow whipping, emulsifying and much more.

For those who are mainly dedicated to bread, pasta and sweets there are the planetary: food processors with more powerful motors and specific features for this use, sold with different whips supplied, hook, heart, and wire, which allow you to knead, assemble, mix and emulsify effortlessly, resulting in perfect creams and doughs in a few minutes.

The robots called Cooking Machines allow you to cook pasta, rice, soups, and velvets directly inside the container. They are able to fry, cook, mix, chop, blend, steam, emulsify and knead in a short time and independently.

Among the most famous range of Food Processors, there is also the possibility to expand the range of accessories later, going to buy them as needed as they are also compatible with older models.

In this case, you can really indulge yourself: grinder, homogenizer, centrifuge, sheeter, drawing machine for pasta, juicer, masher, potato peeler, cooker, etc..

For all models, among the accessories supplied there is always an instruction manual and a cookbook that guarantee you the possibility to prepare immediately delicious recipes that can surprise family and friends.

Kitchen Robots: Maintenance and cleaning

When we choose a food processor, whatever the investment we’ve made in money, we can’t help but consider the speed of cleaning; together with the ease of disassembly it can really make the difference between an appliance you use regularly and one that’s stored in the most remote corner of the kitchen cabinet or picking up dust in the closet.

The market comes up against us with kitchen robots that can be disassembled in a very short time, with accessories and containers that can be washed in a moment or put in the dishwasher, so that they can be stored quickly without additional space in the dedicated spaces or reused for subsequent preparation. For the outside just wipe a cloth dampened with a little detergent, taking care not to wet the electrical and mechanical parts.

The maintenance of these appliances often requires a little more thorough cleaning and a check of the most wearable parts such as gears and blades. Following the instruction manual it will be possible to verify which parts can be removed and which cannot; once cleaned, a general check is carried out, verifying that there are no breaks and intervening where necessary with a little lubricant.

In the case of overheating or failure of the electrical or mechanical parts, it is necessary to call the service department.

There are therefore many factors that we must take into account when choosing our help in the kitchen. Without a doubt, the possibility of having spare parts, after-sales service and the possibility of purchasing accessories that are always compatible at a later date are all aspects that must be taken into consideration.

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