Best coffee grinders

Coffee is considered black gold. Since the first cultivation of coffee beans, many myths have entwined around the popular hot drink that is consumed all over the world today. According to legend, goats ate the first coffee beans, which made them restless and unable to sleep. Their shepherds are said to have experienced the same effect after eating the beans. A magical force in the beans seemed to dispel the tiredness. And indeed, coffee is still considered the world’s number one pick-me-up today.

What you should keep in mind when purchasing a coffee grinder

Coffee is almost a science in itself. Since it is cultivated worldwide, there are numerous varieties that all differ from each other. The main areas of cultivation are still in Africa, but there are also coffee plantations in South America and Arab countries where the beans are grown.

Hand coffee mill versus electric mill

A coffee grinder is a must in the household of a passionate coffee drinker. Who still grinds the beans himself, has demonstrably more of it, since the aroma is more intensive and fresher. As with the beans themselves, there are also considerable differences with the coffee grinders. Hand coffee grinders are still available today, where you have to help yourself to preserve the full-bodied taste of the coffee.

The manual mills are available in different designs and some models are actually reminiscent of the hand mills from the first half of the 20th century. The so-called vintage look has also established itself in the hand coffee mills available today.

However, if you want to portion your coffee exactly and do not want to grind it yourself, you should consider buying an electric coffee grinder. The market for these mills is much larger than that for hand coffee mills. The electrical models differ not only in terms of shape and size but also in terms of functions. In addition, there is also a considerable price differential for electric coffee grinders.

With the electric coffee grinder, grinding is done at the touch of a button and is therefore very convenient. Whoever grinds the beans with an electric mill can also decide for how many cups of coffee he wants to grind or which coffee he wants to prepare. As already mentioned, there is not only filter coffee, in which the beans are coarsely ground, but also espresso or “French Press”, in which very fine grinding is used.

Besides, you can set the grinding degree and dose the respective quantity for each electric coffee grinder. Many mills also come with a brush and a brush that makes it easy to clean the mill. Anyone who thinks that the aroma of the beans is lost during electric grinding is mistaken: with electric coffee grinders, you only grind what you actually need at the end of the process. So the aroma of the coffee bean is not wasted and you can enjoy your coffee to the fullest.

If you decide to buy an electric coffee grinder, you should carefully consider which requirements you want to meet before buying. Some people drink a lot of coffee and there are occasional coffee drinkers who get by with little coffee or espresso a week or a day.

If you are a real coffee junkie and drink several cups a day, the purchase of an electric grinder can be worthwhile because you do not have to grind the beans by hand every time and the preparation of the coffee simply goes faster.

In short: With an electric mill, you save a lot of time. In addition, many electric coffee grinders have a chic design and simply look great on the kitchen surface. Some mills are a real eye-catcher on their own, which can enhance the kitchen visually. First and foremost, however, should be the functions. Another reason for buying an electric mill may be that today’s mills can grind more than just coffee. As you can see from the individual product descriptions, the mills can also grind spices, nuts, linseed, and even herbs.

The coffee grinders you can buy today are therefore multifunctional and versatile. If you want to grind something other than coffee beans with an electric grinder, you should clean it thoroughly afterward, as otherwise the grinder can stick together quickly and the machine can break down.

Manual coffee grinder

In contrast to the electric coffee grinder, the manual coffee grinder is in a class of its own. Most models are not only visually different from electric mills. Today’s hand coffee mills have a slim design and only one function – to grind the beans. For true pleasure drinkers and occasional drinkers, however, the manual mill offers a whole host of advantages. No aroma is lost from the beans during grinding and the coffee can be enjoyed to the fullest. In addition, most manual coffee grinders are very light, so you can take them with you when you go on holiday, so you don’t have to miss out on coffee enjoyment.

Which grinder is most suitable

If you decide to purchase an electric coffee grinder or a manual grinder, you should inform yourself in advance about the grinder. This is used to process the coffee bean into the delicious powder from which you make your coffee. There are also differences in the grinders that you should be aware of if you are about to buy a mill.

Conclusion on grinders in coffee grinders

If you are about to buy a coffee grinder, you should think about the grinder as well as the appearance. There are considerable differences in the design. The most important thing is how finely you want your coffee ground. If you are a passionate espresso drinker, the cone grinder is recommended. If you have a preference for filter coffee, you should consider buying a mill with a beater grinder.

However, you should be aware that most electric coffee grinders today are of very high quality, regardless of the grinder. It depends on your individual preferences when drinking coffee and what demands the machine should meet.

How best to clean the coffee grinder?

If you are about to make a purchase decision for a coffee grinder, you should also think about cleaning the grinder. Regular cleaning of the mill is important, as there are fats in the bean which can lead to contamination of the mill. Although this is not harmful to health, passionate coffee drinkers will still be able to taste it when the fats of the beans or even bean residues are present in the grinder.

When cleaning an electric mill, the surface should be cleaned with a damp cloth. If your machine has a disc and cone grinder, simply remove the cylinder for the beans from the machine and wash it under running water. You should then clean it thoroughly. Most electric mills are supplied with brushes and brushes. You can also use it to clean the container. In addition, most containers are dishwasher-safe.

In contrast to the container, you do not need to clean the grinding mechanism as often. To have access to the grinding mechanism, simply unscrew the machine and remove the complete grinding mechanism. This can also be wiped off very easily with a damp cloth. If you want to remove all the ground coffee dust, it is advisable to use small cleaning sticks.

However, there are also electric mills on the market that clean themselves at the push of a button. Here you can use special cleaning agents, which are also available on the market. Afterward, you should grind some beans with the mill without using the powder. The reason: this way you can be on the safe side that even the last residue of the cleaning agent disappears from the grinding mechanism.