Review Air Purifier Xiaomi 2H

If you look at the Amazon charts of the best air purifiers you’ll realize that the Xiaomi 2H is at the top of the charts, and also the reviews of those who bought it confirm that it’s a great product.

You should know that Xiaomi is a high-level Chinese company, which produces cheap smartphones but in recent years it is specializing in home automation and in making products to make life at home more comfortable. If we consider that China is one of the countries where there are more pollution problems, then we can rest assured that the air purifiers produced there are excellent.

Air Purifier Xiaomi 2H: economical, but rational

Compared to the majority of level brands, Xiaomi has decided to keep a low profile by pricing its air purifiers less, also to increase market share. The Xiaomi 2H costs very little for what it offers (see here for example) but for medium use, it is really interesting.

What do I mean by medium use? Well, if your house isn’t huge. If you want to keep the air purifier on without wasting too much time programming it. If you want discreet power combined with excellent quietness, then you are definitely an average user.

The Mi Air Purifier 2H is an air purifier of quite compact dimensions, able to improve significantly and in a short time the air quality of rooms up to 30sqm, and with enviable ease of use.

Xiaomi 2H air purifier features

3-stage HEPA filter

The HEPA filter is a filter composed of microfibre foil assembled sheets; through the passage of air between the sheets, mechanical air purification is carried out, because harmful particles are captured between the filter fibers and can no longer pass through.

This is a great advantage because once the particles are trapped, they can no longer get out and will be removed when the filter is replaced. At the same time, however, it means that the filter will have to be changed, and in the case of the Xiaomi 2H filter, this change must take place on average every 6-12 months.

We speak of 3-stage filtration because the actual filter made up of microfibers is only one of the steps in air purification, which passes through other layers that first remove larger particles and partly also odors.

The filtration limit indicated by the manufacturer is 0.3 microns, a very low value which assures us that this air purifier will be able to capture even very small pollen.

CADR of 260m3/hour

The CADR is a parameter that indicates the filtration capacity in relation to a volume. The abbreviation means Clean Air Delivery Rate, and simply the larger the CADR, the more suitable the air purifier is for treating large rooms.

The Xiaomi 2H is great for medium-sized rooms, such as a bedroom or a living room of a three- or four-room apartment.

Compact size

The Xiaomi 2H is a fairly compact purifier, with its height of about 50cm on a 24x24cm base. The reason why I point out the size of this purifier, however, is that you can really put it anywhere, even if you have little space available: in short, it seems made especially for our city apartments, where space is limited and we do not want to create too much clutter.

It is an aspect to which little attention is paid, but I assure you that having a huge box around the house that clutters up and in which you stumble every minute is the first cause of not using the air purifier!

Excellent connectivity

After all, Xiaomi is an expert in telephones, and therefore in networks and connections. The Xiaomi 2H from this point of view is very complete: there is an app called Mi Home App designed to remotely operate a series of devices, including the Xiaomi air purifiers.

How does this application work, of which you can see an image? Simply connect the air purifier to your WiFi network with the help of your smartphone and in this way you can control the device remotely, even if you are many kilometers from home.

In particular, you can check the state of the air in your apartment, check what wear conditions the filter is in, but above all, you can drive the purifier to turn it on or off, and also to select the power of use or set a specific mode of use.

The application works in general to modify all the possible settings for the air purifier, but these are not many, to tell the truth: we limit ourselves to the brightness of the led placed on the front, and little else.

Still talking about connectivity, the Xiaomi 2H is able to communicate with Alexa, the system created by Amazon for voice commands, and with Google Assistant. With the latter, I tried it, and it works very well. Unfortunately, I don’t have first-hand testing with Alexa but from what I read around it seems to work just as well.

Price in relation to the quality

Here below I’ll talk about the defects of the Air Purifier 2H, but I must say that this air purifier is cheap but not “cheap”: its cost is relatively low – let’s say that it is in the low end of the prices of the best air purifiers – but not, for this reason, the company that produces it has proposed a poor product! Its line is not bad, which makes it perfect for any environment, and not even the materials used disappoint.

From the point of view of functionality, I think there are few manufacturers offering air purifiers at this price and with this ability to purify the air: the Xiaomi 2H works very well, the important thing is not to expect to use it in environments larger than 30 square meters.

In summary: if you want to make a purchase where you look at the price without giving up too much quality, then this is a purifier to consider.

Xiaomi Air Purifier 2H Defects

Of course, not everything can be perfect in a cheap air purifier like this! Here are what I think are its main flaws, again divided by points.

If I can give you a piece of advice, if you want to keep the same qualities of this purifier but add a little bit more, take a look at this page: it’s practically the same purifier but with the screen, and the price increases by only 20$ on average.

The filters for Xiaomi 2h

The filters of this air purifier are quite strong, and last at least six months with average use, but still, need to be changed occasionally. I recommend first of all, when you receive a filter change signal from the app, to check the external filter by cleaning it. If at this point the report persists, how to fix it? With a replacement.

The best thing to do is to buy the official filters that cost only a little more but offer maximum compatibility and better operation. A little tip that some friends who have this purifier have given me is to use this other filter, at the first replacement: it has even better features and apparently improves the filtration even at the level of annoying odors.

Review Xiaomi 2H Air Purifier: conclusion

As mentioned earlier, this is an excellent air purifier for small houses, and if you have a two-room apartment and a not too swollen wallet I recommend it without hesitation. If you have some extra money, however, you can perhaps use another device. Take a look at the page I have dedicated to the best air purifiers, for example.

If I have to recommend a site where to buy the Xiaomi 2H, my choice is definitely Amazon, and in particular, I refer you to the page of the same Xiaomi where you can find it at the best price.

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