The Best Lawn Sprinklers

One of the best garden sprinklers is the Gardena OS 140 8220-29. How do we know that? We analyzed the equipment available on the market and it was the best evaluated by consumers. The presented sprinkler was made of very good materials. Many users claim that this model rarely fails. As far as the range of this product is concerned, it is regulated from 1m to 9.5m. So we can easily adjust the sprinkler to the surface of our garden.

Also, we have to mention the 16 nozzles, which ensure that the water is sprayed evenly. The Gardena Aquazoom 1973-29 also deserves a high position among good sprinklers. The product also has a quite long-range of sprinklers and is easy to use. Consumers also mention the high reliability of the product.

What lawn sprinkler to buy?

Summer is a very dangerous time for plants. A shortage of water makes them dry quickly and sometimes impossible to regenerate. Therefore, we should pay special attention to lawns, shrubs, etc. during this period. One of the best ways to do this is to water your plants regularly. But if you don’t have enough time to walk around your garden with a watering can every day, think about buying special equipment that will make this task much easier for you.

The range of irrigation equipment is so wide that it is often difficult for us to decide which sprinkler to choose to make it perfect for our backyard. In this article, we will give you some important tips that will certainly help you make your decision.

Type – which lawn sprinkler is the best?

As we have already mentioned, garden shops are filled with different types of sprinklers. There you will find both handheld and stationary sprinklers. The first model is the equipment that we connect to a standard garden hose. The main advantage of this type of product is the possibility of point irrigation of the garden, without wasting time on replenishing the watering can. In addition, you carefully choose the place of the most intensive action, so that plants that need more water will be treated with special care.

If you are looking for a solution that will almost completely relieve you of the obligation to water your lawn or beds, think about buying a stationary device. You can choose from a wide range of options, so you’re sure to find the perfect model for your area.

Very often purchased by consumers, sprinklers are rotary devices with three rotating knobs. On each of them, there are small holes through which water escapes. The equipment irrigates quite a large area, staggering a circle with a radius of up to a dozen or so meters. Due to a large number of holes in the nozzle, the sprinkler should be connected to a source of water generating considerable pressure. Otherwise, there is a risk that the disc will not spin or will irrigate a small area.

If you are looking for a solution to irrigate a large backyard, but the water pressure is too low to connect the sprinkler described above, consider whether it would not be better to use a rotary or anvil device. The mode of operation of the first and second products is quite similar. First of all, they release only one stream of water, so that the force is not broken down into three nozzles. In addition, we can determine exactly which radius and range we are interested in.

By placing this type of equipment at the end of your garden, you can set it so that it does not rotate around its axis, but stops at the places you specify. Quite a lot of pressure allows us to irrigate a very large area. If you own a large garden, you should consider buying two devices, to avoid the constant shifting of equipment.

For those who are looking for solutions for small square or rectangular areas, consumers are advised to choose oscillating equipment. Not very large equipment consists of a base and a tube (with holes in several rows) perpendicular to the ground. It moves from a few degrees to 180 degrees so that the water splashes in two opposite directions.

Depending on the pressure, this type of sprinkler can have a range of up to several meters. If you own a narrow plot of land, you will appreciate this product. This is especially important when there is a dog pen or chicken pen in the vicinity of the sprinkler. The oscillating device solves the problem of flooding of nearby farms.

Permanent installation

If you are looking for professional solutions, it is a good idea to buy an entire irrigation system. This type of equipment requires soil intervention, as a network of pipes is buried under the surface, at the end of which there are automatic sprinklers. At any time, we can make the system work, causing the hidden tips to emerge and start releasing water. Modern technology allows us to control irrigation without leaving the house.

Usually, the control center is mounted in the wall of our house or, if you choose an even more advanced option, it can be closed in a small remote control. The new generation of sprinklers is, of course, quite expensive, but with large areas, it almost completely relieves the owner of the obligation to water manually.


Most of the products are made of plastic. This is the cheapest solution, which despite appearances is not a bad idea. Sprinklers made of good quality plastic can be useful for many seasons. Besides, the material does not rust, which is very important for this type of equipment.

In addition to plastic, manufacturers also decide to sell products made of high-quality stainless metals. These are, of course, much more expensive models, which is why they are less frequently chosen by consumers. However, if you are looking for a device for years, such a choice should satisfy you.


The best sprinkler is one that fits many garden hoses. These are the elements that are most often destroyed. Therefore, before buying, check the tip of the device and compare whether it will be compatible with other standard gadgets used to transport water.

The best lawn sprinklers

If you own a garden, you know for sure how important it is to properly irrigate green areas. This applies not only to beautiful, planted flowers but also to grass. Regular watering is especially important during the summer months when there is a lot of droughts. Unfortunately, few people have the time and energy to water their garden by hand twice a week or even more often. In this case, a sprinkler is necessary. To make your purchase easier, we have prepared a ranking of sprinklers.

The best lawn sprinklers: Our recommendations

Gardena OS 140

Gardena’s product, OS 140, is the best sprinkler on the market. It is a surface-mounted pendulum model installed underground. It will be suitable for use in gardens ranging from 2 m2 to 140 m2.

A big advantage of this model is the ability to adjust the width of the sprinkler from 1 m to 9.5 m. The range of ejection can be varied from 2 m to 15 m. Such a range makes the device more functional and can be adapted to many types of gardens. The water flow can also be adjusted.

The sprinkler head has 16 nozzles, which are made of high-quality plastic. This number of nozzles ensures even irrigation. In addition, the device has a built-in drainage valve, which effectively prevents breakdowns on very cold days. Opinions about the sprinkler from this company are very positive. It is a popular choice for consumers due to its long working range and functionality.

Gardena OS 140 8220-29 is a sprinkler that will properly irrigate your garden. The product is equipped with 16 nozzles. The equipment has an adjustable spray range.

Water flow is in many cases a parameter that we cannot regulate. However, this product allows us to do so. So we have full control over the sprinkling of the garden.Plastics of good quality are used in the production process. Therefore, sprinkler very rarely fails.The presented sprinkler has 16 nozzles. This means that the water is sprayed evenly. We don’t have to worry about a puddle in one place in the garden.Thanks to the presence of a drainage valve, the product is not exposed to breakdowns even on colder days – water does not accumulate in the nozzles and does not freeze in them. So we can be sure that the sprinkler will stay with us for longer.This is a product with which we can adjust the range of the sprinkler – from 1 m to 9.5 m. This allows us to adapt the sprinkler to the surface of our garden.Some users report that mounting this sprinkler is not an easy task. This process may take some time. Therefore, it is better to call a specialist.

Gardena Aquazoom 1973

The second product in our set is a Gardena Aquazoom device – model 1973. It is an extremely precise garden sprinkler, built with high-quality materials. In addition, it is extremely effective and will save you a lot of work.

It is ideal for irrigating gardens with an area ranging from 25 m2 to 250 m2. What’s more, the equipment has a precisely adjustable water spray range from 7 m to 18 m. In addition, each user can individually adjust the spray width from 3.5 m to 14 m. This will allow you to adjust the equipment in an appropriate way to ensure that the entire area is irrigated.

The opinions about the Gardena Aquazoom 1973-30 sprinklers are very flattering. Consumers appreciated their functionality and ease of use. In addition, the users paid special attention to the long working range of this equipment.

Gardena Aquazoom 1973-29 is a long-range sprinkler. The width of the sprinkler is from 3.5 m to 14 m. It is a model made of steel.

It is a product that will work very well in gardens with an area of up to 250 m2. The maximum spray range of this model is 18 m.The width of the sprinkler is also adjustable. We can decide whether it should be 3.5 m or 14 m (multi-stage adjustment). Thanks to this, we can perfectly match the product to our garden.Many users have noticed that setting the parameters is very easy. It will take us no more than a few minutes.Most of the sprinkler’s components are made of metal. Thanks to this, the equipment is resistant to all kinds of damage.Some parts of this sprinkler are made of low quality plastic. Therefore, it is possible that after some time we will have to replace them in order for the equipment to work properly.

Rain Bird Drago 3504-PC 

One of the last proposals on our list is the Rain Bird Drago 3504-PC. It is a rotating sprinkler. It will irrigate your garden without any problems because this model is equipped with a system that guarantees even water distribution. It is a surface-mounted sprinkler, which should be buried in a suitable place in the garden to enjoy its independent work.

The range of its work can be adjusted from 40 degrees to 360 degrees. Naturally, each user can adjust this option to their own needs. The radius of the device is also adjustable. Depending on your preferences or the size of your garden, you can set the radius of the sprinkler between 4.6 meters and 10.7 meters.

One of the biggest advantages of the device is its low price. However, despite the low cost of purchase, this product is characterized by high-quality workmanship.

The set includes as many as 6 nozzles. Opinions about this product are extremely positive. Many users appreciated its low price and high quality of workmanship.

Rain Bird Drago 3504-PC is a rotating sprinkler. The device rotates and throws away water. The sprinkler works independently and does not require our supervision.

This product does not take up much space. So we don’t have to worry about the sprinkler destroying the harmony of our garden. It is compact in shape and most of the time it is invisible. The range of the sprinkler is a parameter that we can set ourselves. The same applies to the operating range of this device (revolutions). It ranges from 40 degrees to 360 degrees.The product is highly resistant to external factors.The presented sprinkler does not have a very long range. The maximum radius of water ejection is 10 m. This distance may be too short for larger gardens. However, this is a good option if you have a small property.The sprinkler protrudes 10 cm above the ground. That’s why you should be careful not to damage the equipment while mowing.

How many lawn sprinklers per section?

In order to provide irrigation to the plants on our plot, we need to invest in the right number of sprinklers. When shopping, many people are wondering how much equipment we should buy to provide irrigation for plants throughout the garden. In the following article, we will also answer how many equipment can be installed in one section.

Number of lawn sprinklers and water pressure

The important thing to consider when selecting the number of sprinklers is water pressure. If you want to get enough water from the head, you need the right amount of force. Therefore, if you connect too many sprinklers, the efficiency of the entire system will be reduced. In extreme cases, the device may not emerge from the ground.

A situation where the water pressure is too high (above 4 bar) is also not desirable. You should then install a special reduction filter. This is due to the limited working pressure of the sprinkler, which will not be able to process such a high water force.

When planning the number of sprinklers in the section, we recommend checking the manufacturer’s catalog. Here you will find information about the specified working pressure. On this basis, you will calculate how many pieces of equipment can work at once. Each section must be connected separately to the valve box and then to the water source.

Number of lawn sprinklers and water flow

Our guide, in which we explained which sprinkler is recommended, raises many important issues. In this section, we want to focus on another important issue, namely, water flow. How much water we have at our disposal is necessary to assess how many sprinklers are to be in one section. For small devices (about 1.5-1.75 m3/h) we recommend to choose a small number of equipment. In larger installations (e.g. 2.5 m3/h) we recommend to buy additional sprinklers.

Frequency of placing lawn sprinklers in the garden

When setting up your irrigation equipment, make sure that the water coming out of the equipment covers most of the plot. Specialists follow the principle of “radius to radius”. This means that once you have set up the first product, you must measure the radius of the next one. At the end of the set straight line, set the next sprinkler. This minimizes the number of overwetted and overwetted areas.

How many lawn sprinklers should be placed in one section?

A very important thing to keep in mind is that the water intake in the sprinklers must not exceed the capacity of the source of the liquid. Otherwise, the equipment will not slip out. There is also another issue, which is that the total output of the sprinklers exceeds the capacity of the source, so the device should be divided into several sections. Each of them works individually when it protects the system from overload.

Remember that you can place sprinklers of the same type in the same section. Otherwise, the system will not work efficiently and the lawn will not be evenly irrigated. Therefore, remember that static and moving devices cannot be combined.

How to place lawn sprinklers in the garden?

We must start by placing sprinklers on a plot in places that are difficult to reach, such as a tree line or a roach. The next step is to install the sprinkler in other places, following the principle of “radius to radius”, which we wrote about. We recommend using the best possible equipment (mainly rotating) because they have the largest working range.

Finally, use fixed nozzles, as they have a relatively small range. When setting up sprinklers, try to minimize the amount of space where the product radius overlaps. Also, make sure that water does not fall on the concrete (driveway or path) because there will be a puddle. What’s more, it’s also a waste of liquid.