Smart Mirror: HiMirror Review

Smart Mirror HiMirror body is equipped with lights. On the right side of the mirror, to the right of the LED light, you will also find some touch buttons that allow you to quickly move between the different mirror modes and adjust the settings without having to navigate through the menus.

Even though these buttons may look like they’re on the mirror, don’t let them fool you: the symbol is there, but the part you actually want to touch is on the right on the back edge of the mirror.

HiMirror will come with the necessary tools to install it on a wall or other mirror. Conveniently, however, it is resistant to water and fog, so you can use it in the bathroom without having to worry about steam in the shower.

Smart Mirror HiMirror settings

Setting up HiMirror is a relatively simple process. Using HiMirror’s camera to scan this QR code, I will connect it to both your Wi-Fi network and the account you set up on the app.

After this, the mirror will guide you through the setting of voice commands and facial recognition and give you a tutorial on the use of motion controls.

You will also be given the possibility to connect the remote control that comes with the mirror if you are not particularly taken with its gestural controls.

Smart Mirror HiMirror skin analysis

One of the exclusive HiMirror stores is that it is able to analyze your skin and give you feedback on its status.

You will see seven different common problems we have with our skin: wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles under the eyes, dark spots, red spots, roughness, and pores.

The results are presented in three ways: you will receive a score between 0 and 100 for each skincare product category, plus a score for your overall skin health.

On our first attempt, our skin health reached 99, which we were very happy with. The results are presented on the mirror in a kind of presentation, but you can also access them via the app where you can also set skin targets and track your progress on the go.

The idea behind this feature is to scan the skin once or twice a week and start monitoring the results.

Since HiMirror uses photos rather than any type of active sensor to scan the skin, we recommend that you check that the skin is free of products and have approximately the same illumination at each evaluation to make sure you are tracking the skin accurately.

The first time we used the mirror, for example, we were doing make-up, while the second time we were clean and fresh from a shower.

From comparisons like these, you should be able to see if your current routine and lifestyle are improving or worsening your skin condition.

Based on your results and the skin goals you have set for yourself, the mirror will advise you on which types of products you might want to invest in. Our recommendation was to buy products that help the pores.

Smart Mirror multimedia streaming

Being connected to your Wi-Fi, HiMirror can play both music and video. We had hoped that it would be possible to link our YouTube account to the mirror so that we could watch makeup and skincare tutorials from the users we follow.

HiMirror’s video exercises are accessible through the streaming multimedia section of the menu and are divided into different categories: fitness and skincare. Spotify is the only music streaming service currently supported and you can connect your account via the HiMirror app.

When you’re broadcasting media, though, you don’t have to worry about anything sharp; In addition to streaming media, HiMirror can also display the weather at your location, as well as humidity levels, UV levels, and temperature.

Smart Mirror product scan

Scanning the product is a HiMirror feature that has potential but is not really there.

With his knowledge of your current skin condition, your skin goals and now the products at your fingertips, HiMirror can advise you which products you might want to use in your routine and monitor their effectiveness.

Smart Mirror ambient lighting

While the ambient lighting function of HiMirror seems like a small thing, it is really useful.

To access ambient lighting, you must place the mirror in mirror mode, then use the Touch-sensitive Up and Down buttons to display a menu of options.

Although there is no denying that these are some fantastic opportunities for a selfie-and we have honestly thought about tying the mirror to my forehead so that I can live forever in the light of a sunset – this mode is also very useful for applying the makeup for different occasions.

We found it particularly useful on recent winter mornings to be able to illuminate our faces with some outdoor or office lighting to make sure our makeup is applied to fit those positions, rather than a boring room at six o’clock.

Different control methods

Since it looks like a giant tablet, our first instinct was to touch the HiMirror screen to make it work, but it’s not a touchscreen. Instead, you’ll be able to unlock and use HiMirror using your voice, hand gestures or the remote that comes with it.

The gesture commands recognize left, right, up and down movements to navigate menus, while a push gesture is recorded as selected. Part of the problem here might be that the mirror software can be quite slow, which can be very frustrating. Voice control, on the other hand, is easier on the nerves. By far the easiest method of control is the remote control.

Mirror mode and zoom mode

As mentioned earlier, using the touch-sensitive button on the right side of the mirror will allow you to move between the different modes. Zoom mode is a small feature as it allows you to take a closer look at your face without having to buy additional magnifying mirrors.

In mirror mode, HiMirror simply becomes a normal mirror and performs this function well. HiMirror looks like something of a missed opportunity or it’s either a mirror or a screen and it doesn’t really give you a chance to be a mix of both.

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