Top 5 Most Useful Kitchen Gadgets

There could be several reasons for you to upgrade your kitchen and your cooking gear. Maybe your kitchen is outdated, or your kitchen utensils are overused, or maybe you are just bored with the same old boring frying pan that you have been using since your college days. Whatever the reason is! Upgrading your kitchen and cooking gear is always a good (and of course, an expensive) idea to materialize. Surprisingly, upgrading your kitchen is still not a challenge, finding the right gadgets for your kitchen gear is.

Kitchen gadgets fall into two categories. Gadgets that fall in the first category are the ones you get to see in advertisements on shopping channels. Yes, where you see a six-pack boy and sometimes a girl using a fancy kitchen gadget to peel a banana Or to cut tomatoes? Well, let me break it down to you…Those gadgets, you are never going to use!

The other gadgets are the ones you will actually be using, Surprisingly, you will be discovering half of these gadgets on the same shopping channels. 

To make things easier for you, we have made a list of kitchen gadgets that are actually useful and will be worth every penny that you are going to spend. We are sure that you will actually be using these gadgets and they won’t just be sitting back in your drawers or cabinets, rusting away.  

  1. Turntable plate for kitchen
  2. Placemats for kitchen table 
  3. Fitted Stand Mixer Cover
  4. LED kitchen cabinet lights
  5. Trash can slider for kitchen cabinet

Kitchen Gadgets: Turntable Plate For Kitchen

The turntable Plate basically has a smooth, non-slip rim which makes it easy for the plate to turn. This turntable plate comes with a larger base which restricts it from interrupting the surrounding utensils and items. To prevent the items from slipping out of the plate and keeping them straight in their vertical position, it comes with a ledge. Unlike many other plates, that come without any feet, this one has rubber feet. They help in keeping your surfaces clean and scratch-free. Also, rubber feet prevent the plate from slipping. This turntable has a diameter of 14.25 inches which allows it to hold a maximum number of items. 

This Turntable Plate is a Must-Have in your kitchen! It helps you keep your kitchen organized. You can keep all the bottles or at least a maximum number of bottles or jars in this plate. It can be used to keep together all the spices jars, or maybe cleaning bottles such as dish wash, kitchen surface cleaner, stove cleaner, stain remover, etc. This way your kitchen cleaning bottles or maybe spice jars won’t be scattered all over your kitchen shelves or be left unorganized in your kitchen cabinets. 

This turntable plate is especially useful in small kitchens where the space to work in is already limited. Scattered items in the kitchen tend to take up more space than the ones organized and limited to a specific space.  

If you like to keep your kitchen organized and mess-free, this kitchen gadget is for you!

Kitchen Gadgets: Placemats For Kitchen Table

Why settle for dated kitchen mats when you have a new generation of kitchen mats available? These mats are long-lasting and wrinkle or damage free. They are made up of 70 percent PVC and 30 percent polyester. Furthermore, they are heat resistant. Not only are these mats useful but they are also not boring! They come in a wide range of bright and subtle colors and for the ones who like shapes and patterns along with some colors, printed mats are also available. 

These mats are extremely important if you have spent a hefty amount of money on upgrading your kitchen. You would not want to ruin your pretty kitchen table just because you decide not to spend some bucks on kitchen mats. These mats save your table from getting stains and scratches. Imagine something oily or some drink getting spilled on your table.

Wouldn’t that ruin your table color or texture? Or worse, if you have children, imagine them scratching the table with forks! bad image, right? All this could be avoided because table mats provide an extra layer of protection to your table from any spillovers, scratches, and stains. In addition to providing protection from the above-mentioned mishaps, they also protect your table from getting damaged from the heated food containing pans. 

Apart from all the protection they provide, they also make your kitchen table look more presentable, neat and organized. Since they come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, they tend to add color to your otherwise boring kitchen table and give it a more personalized look. You can always use these mats to coordinate your kitchen table with the rest of your kitchen’s color theme. 

Kitchen Gadgets: Fitted Stand Mixer Cover

Fitted Stand Mixer Cover is well fitted for your stand mixer but is only available for a tilt head stand mixer. It is made up of 100 percent cotton and comes with chunky quilt construction. There is also a front pocket with the cover. 

If you plan to invest in a good quality stand mixer then you must also buy a cover for your stand mixer. Even though this cover might seem to be unnecessary to some but trust me it has an important purpose to serve. It might just turn out to be one of the smartest kitchen-related decisions you ever made!

A mixer cover protects your mixer from all the dust and dirt that might be present in that area and thus, saves your time and energy from having to wash it every time you decide to use it. The mixer cover not only provides protection to your mixer against dust or germs but it also saves your mixer from the little accidents that are likely to occur in any kitchen and have an increased chance of occurring if you have small kids at your place. let’s say your younger one was playing in the kitchen and by mistake hit your new expensive stand mixer and it falls down from the shelf.

What are the chances of your mixer surviving and functioning properly after this? Low maybe? Well, the chances could be higher, if you decide to invest in a good quality mixer cover. Not only does the cover provide an extra layer of protection on a daily basis but it is especially useful when you decide to move. 

Kitchen Gadgets: LED kitchen cabinet lights

These LED lights are Durable and Safe. They are made up of aluminum and plastic and are very lightweight. These LED lights have frosted PC cover which makes these lights safe for the eyes. Also, the voltage is DC 12v which makes them harmless and safe to touch. Furthermore, you can select the brightness level of these lights according to your preference and can adjust using a dimmer switch. They are also known for being extra bright and saving energy. They save approx 85 percent of the energy. 

The lighting of any place makes or breaks the total outlook of the place. It is one important feature in making your place look presentable and cozy. Even though the foremost feature of any kitchen is it being work-friendly but that shouldn’t let you compromise on the looks of your kitchen and these lights get you full marks for the image.

They improve the overall look of your kitchen by brightening up the dark corners of your kitchen and making them just the right bright. With these LED cabinet lights, you are less likely to miss any small jar or bottle which you otherwise would have missed because it was placed at the end of the cabinet and it was not bright enough at the end for you to see it. 

Kitchen Gadgets: Trash Can Slider For Kitchen Cabinet

Do you believe some things are better when left out of sight? I know, I do. I mean I wouldn’t want that somebody walks into my kitchen and the first thing he gets to see is a trash bin! Firstly, a trash bin kept out of the kitchen cabinet compromises your kitchen’s presentation and looks. Secondly, a trash bin stinks! Even you know it does. Lastly, why to waste your kitchen space for a trash bin when you can use it for, let’s say a planter may be, which would definitely be aesthetically more appealing. 

Trash Can Slider for Kitchen Cabinet, I think, is a Must. You just can not work in a kitchen with a trash can full of trash and foul smell. Imagine cooking in such an environment? It doe not even sound hygienic. 

Trash Can sliders help you keep all the mess limited to one cabinet without it being scattered all over the place. Also, with enough space in the cabinet, you can always make room for two trash bins. Can you place two trash bin out in the kitchen? No, you can not. 

Furthermore, for a smaller kitchen where proper use of space is of high importance for the efficient functioning of your kitchen, investing in a slider trash can cabinet is always a smart decision.