The Best Smart Mirrors

Domotics is materializing the reality that, until a few years ago, it was typical of science fiction movies. A recent product, called a smart mirror, is nothing more than a smart mirror that allows you to add content typical of our smartphones and computers to your reflected image. In short, a real technological mirror designed to improve the lives of all users.

In this in-depth study, we decided to explore this new type of device, also presenting some of the best smart mirrors currently on the market.

Smart Mirror: What’s it for?

Infinite are the potentialities of smart mirrors, both inside our home and in public spaces. Here, then, what you can do with this device.

Prepare to leave

Fashion lovers can always be sure that the dress is worn will fit in different places: the mirror allows you to change the ambient light, emulating that of a local, outdoor or any other place.

In addition, the “smart” tools, accessible through the touchscreen display or, in some cases, through voice commands, allow us to discover some information. An example? The user can discover the weather conditions while drying their hair. To get the most accurate weather forecast, we also recommend that you read our article “The best weather stations for a smart home”.


A producer started Mirror. This mirror allows users to discover as many as 50 fitness courses every week in on-demand streaming. You can emulate what appears on the 40-inch display and compare it to your body in real-time.

A “camouflaged” computer

Other devices are disguised computers. When turned off, in fact, they look like a normal object useful for mirroring themselves; when turned on, they automatically become real computers, on which Android almost always runs. You will then be able to take many actions, including online browsing and installing the available apps.

Taking care of your appearance

Séura Smart Mirror, on the other hand, is designed to offer some indications regarding your physical appearance and daily routine. It will allow users to find out the various information about the day and can follow various indications regarding personal care.

Listening to music

Many of these devices are also equipped with Bluetooth connectivity. This will allow users to connect to their smartphone, so they can listen to their favorite songs. Many intelligent mirrors, the most advanced ones, also allow you to receive and send voice calls.

Smart screen: How does it work?

The smart screens consist of a special reflective display, virtually identical to that of classic mirrors. When it’s off, its operation is classic. After activating it, users can explore this concentration of technology. To control it, you can use the touchscreen or, in more expensive models, voice controls. The latter, almost always are related to the Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa.

Smart screen, smart mirror: The best models on sale

Choosing a smart mirror that is actually right for you is difficult, as the market, especially the foreign market, is increasingly richer in this type of product. In this part of the article, we will, therefore, explore some of the best products currently on the market.

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