A800 70mai Car DVR Review

The rear car DVR records in 1080p and can even handle my tinted glass sticker. The front camera also works very well at night. It’s a little worse with the back, but I got used to it being a dark sticker. In any case, the plates on the back are also visible. Another important aspect is whether the recordings are fluid. Here I have to confirm that everything works fine, but I’m afraid that the webcam’s built-in battery may have problems at higher temperatures (when it gets hot, the device may cut recordings). 70mai has two “air vents” here.

“The car in front has moved” how does ADAS work?

Another interesting feature is the ADAS system. What is it? ADAS, or Advanced Driver Assistant, is simply a “driver assistant”. What can he do? He can, for example, detect if the car in front has moved (a good function when we get bored in a traffic jam and bury something in the phone). He can detect a lane change and warn of a potential collision. The only drawback of this system is that it speaks English to us.

The webcam menu works perfectly. Some people might be bothered by the fact that the screen can’t show the image from two cameras at the same time; I personally don’t use the preview every day. One thing that bothers me is the fact that the record protection button is indistinguishable from the others, which is sometimes difficult to find.

A800 70mai Car DVR – Application

Here, great respect for the developers of 70mai. The application works very well. All the options available in the webcam can be changed in the “application”. It is made very neatly and legibly. It connects without any problem and, most importantly, quickly downloads the recordings to the phone. The application looks for the webcam itself if you have Wi-Fi enabled. It also has an easy update system. The only disadvantage for me is the inability to work with the webcam if we have the application connected.

A800 70mai Car DVR – Accessories

I don’t know why most manufacturers defend themselves against additional accessories. Many of them stop at the ACC cable. The same goes for 70mai. They could add a polarizing filter, for example.

A800 70mai Car DVR – Summary

Can I recommend the 70mai Dash Cam A800? Yes, but … if you need a good ADAS system and want 4K quality. The quality of the 4K and ADAS recording is not as important to me as, for example, some reliability at high and low temperatures due, among other things, to a built-in capacitor. In full HD quality, you can also read the license plates easily.

So, if you are looking for a new DVR and want higher quality than Full HD, the 70mai car DVR is currently the best budget choice.