Top 3 Massage Chairs of 2020 Comparison and Opinions

The key to doing any job correctly is using the right tools, and this also applies to licensed massage therapists.

It is very important that the massage therapist, that educated person who works with the body’s soft tissue to help reduce stress and pain levels, uses the proper tools and equipment to provide a safe, comfortable and effective massage experience for his or her patients.

For that reason, today we dedicate our delivery to the best massage chair, the ideal instrument to provide your clients with rehabilitation, physical therapy, and reiki sessions while comfortably visiting their homes, offices, and special events.

The Best Massage Chairs

Which is the best massage chair?

The massage chair will be an excellent addition to your work implements, it is a versatile tool that will make your workday easier and more satisfying.

However, buying a massage chair can be a daunting task, especially when you have to work your way through tons of products, brands, and designs.

Thinking of you, our editorial team has prepared a comparative selection with the best rated options on the market, the products we loved and that we recommend. Read our reviews and discover the perfect option for you.

  1. Rio Master Massage Chair

A folding, ergonomic massage chair perfect for therapeutic massage, it has a durable design thanks to its aircraft-grade aluminum frame.

Equipped with removable pads made of excellent quality foam to offer the user comfort in the posture. Supports a maximum weight of 272 kg and includes a 5-year warranty.

  1. Vortex Massage Chair 10813PKG Earthlite

It is the ideal portable chair for your massage sessions or to equip your spa or beauty salon, it has a multifunctional design and is easy to transport.

It is light, ultra-resistant, and stable as it has a frame made of aeronautical aluminum tubes.

Equipped with cushioned pads, a structure adjustable to different heights, and a carrying case.

  1. Teal Ergo Pro II Stronglite Massage Chair

If you are looking for a shiatsu massage chair or to work on different therapeutic techniques you will love this model!

It is equipped with telescopic tubes for height adjustment and wheels to facilitate the transport of the equipment. Its aluminum frame is easy to lift while offering great stability.

It has comfortable and removable synthetic upholstery, water, and oil resistant.

Why do you need a massage chair?

The portable massage chairs are a highly versatile tool, offering comfortable and efficient solutions for working in various professions.

These chairs are ideal for certified masseurs in many therapeutic disciplines as they allow the patient to easily adapt to the postures required to apply a specific technique.

Their lightweight structure makes them the right tool to accompany you to your work appointments. It will certainly be much easier to take a folding chair with you than a massage bed.

Similarly, tattooers and stylists can take advantage of all the benefits of a good portable massage chair.

What features to look for when choosing the best massage chair?

Size and weight

All chair models have a similar size, however, the structure can be modified to fit the specific height of each customer. We recommend you to choose the less voluminous model, this factor will help you to save space when storing the equipment.

The weight of the equipment is decisive, it is not the same to go to your massage appointment carrying a 20 kg model as a 9 kg one. The lighter the chair, the more pleasant and easy your day will be.

Materials and characteristics

A machine with wheels and removable pads will be very useful for any certified masseur, these simple features will save you time and effort when working.

The materials determine the durability of the equipment and the comfort of the user. The user community praises synthetic leather for upholstery, for its resistance to wear, water, stains, and oils.


Chairs should provide comfortable support points for the user for 30-60 minute sessions. Upholstery made of high-density foam is ideal as it provides the necessary firmness and comfort.

Quality and Capacity

Choose a team with robust materials and assemblies, remember that the chair must be suitable to support different weights and sizes.


All chairs have a folding or modular design, so make sure you choose a model that is easy to install and uninstall to save you time and effort.

Ease of cleaning

Masseurs use lotions, oils, and balms to work and hygiene is a determining factor in the health and wellness industry.

Choose equipment that offers ease of cleaning, the washable and removable upholstery offers great advantages.

Adjustable design

The more versatile the design of your chair, the more comfortable and satisfying the massage experience will be for your client.

Opt for a model with adjustable seats, heads, pads, and frames, so you can easily adapt to patients of various sizes, weights, and heights…