Best Refrigerator Brands – Buying Guide 2021

How to take advantage of the offers is one of the most common questions when buying a new refrigerator becomes necessary. How to choose the best refrigerator? Such an appliance cannot be missing from any home, as its purpose is to keep basic food and beverages fresh. Sometimes it is even essential in offices and businesses.

No matter what model you’re looking for, the virtual marketplace always has considerable variety. Below we will provide you with the necessary and ideal information to make a smart refrigerator purchase. The offers range from the most modern to the most vintage model.

There are innumerable properties and characteristics that the different brands of household appliances offer us in the market. Among them, low energy consumption, a wide range of styles, sizes, technology, or on the contrary, traditional models for those who are more conservative. We name them some of the best brands you can get in physical and virtual stores like this page.

Best Refrigerator Brands - Buying Guide 2021

Best Refrigerator: Whirlpool Refrigerators

Whirlpool should be mentioned as a brand because it is one of the best rated when it comes to refrigerators. Being an American seal, quality standards are stricter, resulting in optimal and resistant products. Most refrigerators have more than 4 stars over 5 in the virtual market.

Whirlpool’s most recommended models are those with “No Frost” technology. Also, one of the brand’s most attractive options is the “de-icing”, which allows the appliance to be defrosted as a maintenance instruction.

Whirlpool official website

Best Refrigerator: Daewoo Refrigerators

Along with LG and Samsung, it is one of the big players in the South Korean home appliance market. Its success is because it is one of the cheapest brands of refrigerators. The large models have a price range between $7,200 and $8,300, making them accessible to the general public.

The most sold models are the small ones, belonging to the “Frigobar” classification. However, you can also find offers with water dispensers and with a freezer upstairs.

Daewoo oficjał website

Best Refrigerator: Hisense Refrigerators

It is a Chinese brand with only 50 years in the market. Its specialization is the range of combined, American, and freezer refrigerators. The units have a ventilated cooling technology, which means optimum autonomy in the event of a power failure.

In total, their copies add up to hundreds of sales in the virtual marketplace. All their artifacts have an average of 4.5 stars over 5, so the brand is valued positively. The most sold models are the mini-presentation ones.

According to users, Hisense refrigerators work with an inverter compressor, so it is activated in short periods and maintains the temperature in exchange for low power consumption.

Hisense official website

Best Refrigerator: Acros Refrigerators

It is the brand with the fewest units available in the virtual market. Its distribution is focused on Central American countries and a Caribbean nation: Dominican Republic. Acros is characterized by the design in its finishes. Most models include a floral decoration to improve aesthetics. Likewise, the colors white and grey are the only ones available in the brand’s catalog.

All Acros models have a de-icing system. Before using it, you must empty the refrigerator. Once you put the food and drinks away, you can activate the process at the touch of a button. The available models are the freezer and refrigerator and the single-door model. It does not register mini or portable models.

Acros official website

Other brands of refrigerators to consider:

Here are some other brands of fryers that may be of interest to you. These brands offer a good variation of products, from gas fryers to griddle fryers. We have linked to the shop so you can see the product catalog, but please note that the availability of these products may vary.

What types of coolers are most common and what advantages/disadvantages each model has

Factors such as size, capacity, and structure differentiate one cooler from another. To find out which one you need to buy, you need to evaluate several things. These include the space in your home or office, the money you will spend on the purchase, and the number of people who will use the appliance. Once you know all this, you can begin your search:

Before we move on to the types of coolers we suggest you visit our old cooler and two-door duplex cooler items.

Duplex or two-door refrigerators

As their name suggests, they are teams with two doors. The purpose is to make larger and more spacious refrigerators. The common thing is that the specimens have a water and ice dispenser in one of the doors. Some special models even have a lower compartment for the storage of vegetables and fruits.

Mini / small refrigerators

They are the second most compact on the refrigerator market. Being small in size, they measure between 40 and 100 centimeters in height (between 1.5 and 3.5 feet). Due to their dimensions, they are considered portable devices. Although it is most common to store beverage cans or containers, some models are designed to store makeup. If you want more details about these products, you can read our article on the best mini-refrigerators.

Refrigerators french door

It’s a combination between the two-door models and the freezer downstairs. Because of its structure, it’s an inverted T-shape. Besides being attractive, it is a model with maximum storage capacity.

3-door refrigerators

They are an alternative to the French door and bottom freezer. They usually have considerable dimensions: on average, the depth is almost 3 feet, the height 6 feet, and the width 2.7 feet.

Inverter coolers

Inverter technology allows the cooler to operate at maximum productivity with low energy consumption. In this way, the required voltage decreases, as does the cost of electricity. Currently, only popular brands such as Samsung offer inverter models.

Portable Refrigerators

They are the smallest on the refrigerator market. Unlike the mini, they have a maximum capacity of 6 cans, which translates into 6 liters. They can be connected to the power source included in the purchase, to sockets, or carports.

Showcase / Window coolers

They are those that have a horizontal structure. They usually have between 2 and 3 grids for the distribution of the content. They are called “showcase” or “windowed” because they include a glass wall that protects the inside of the refrigerator. However, this element is transparent, giving the possibility for food and drink to be seen from the outside. See offers (here).

Industrial refrigerators for restaurants and shops

They are the most expensive on the refrigerator market because they are designed for mass use. They are usually built-in stainless steel, so the finishes are solid and heavy. Most reach 6.5 feet in height. Some have electronic control to adjust the temperature and the option of defrosting.

Horizontal Coolers

Unlike typical vertical refrigerators, horizontal refrigerators are for storing food in an undistributed manner. Therefore, they are only recommended for commercial or industrial use.

Smart and display refrigerators

The more advanced models include a screen on the door. Some functions are playing videos and showing what is stored in the refrigerator using internal cameras. Some brands even offer refrigerators that can be controlled by mobile phones.

Refrigerators with freezer compartment below

These are two-part models. Instead of having a freezer in the upper door, they place it in a lower compartment. In this way, the basic food is distributed in the main doors.

What you should consider before buying a refrigerator

In addition to the brands, there are certain key points to determine whether a refrigerator is worthwhile. Taking into account your needs and purchasing power, check the following features on the models that catch your eye:

Measures and capacity

Many customers overlook the dimensions of the door of the house. If it is not measured, the refrigerator purchased may be larger and its installation would be slowed down. It is also recommended that you determine a specific space to place the appliance once it arrives.

Most refrigerators sold are marked in feet. Bearing in mind that the usual measurement system is in meters, remember to do the conversion: each foot is equivalent to 30.48 centimeters. Also, look at the vertical and horizontal dimensions that correspond to the height and length. The most common sizes are

The capacity of the refrigerator refers to the total storage space it has. The measurement can be given both in cubic feet (8, 9, 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 cubic feet) and in cubic cm/liter. The capacity is related to the size of the refrigerator, so a smaller capacity means a smaller refrigerator.

Used or new

An important aspect to consider. We recommend that you buy the cooler first hand as this will ensure that the warranty is in force and that the conditions of the warranty have not been breached. If you are going to buy a used refrigerator, it is better to do so at an appliance store.

However, if you are buying the refrigerator from a private individual, make sure it is plugged in when you see it and check that it maintains its temperature. It is also important to make sure that the refrigerator does not make strange noises and that it closes tightly.

Embedded technologies

In addition to the intelligent system we mentioned earlier, other advanced features improve the performance of the models. Some coolers include water and ice dispensers, which are ideal for not having to filter water from pipes or make ice cubes constantly.

Another little mentioned technology is the No Frost technology. Its function is to avoid the agglomeration of cold in an area of the refrigerator. Therefore, the low temperature is distributed in all corners of the refrigerator.

With or without freezer

Freezers are added compartments in large refrigerators, as you will not find them in mini or portable models. Due to their low temperature function, these spaces do not have heat emitting lights. If you are a frequent consumer of meat, poultry and other perishable foods, it is important to purchase a freezer appliance. That way, your meals won’t be damaged even if they go several days without being consumed.

Smart or traditional

One way to guarantee a low price is to choose a traditional model. The basic cooling functions are ideal for homes and offices. However, the smart offerings, with their internal camera and touch key options, allow for more appropriate distribution of cooling and lower energy consumption.

Colour, finish, and ease of cleaning

Although the most common color in refrigerators is white, many customers prefer to opt for shades such as grey and black. These shades do not get dirty as quickly and combine better with neutral ceramics in modern kitchens.

As far as finishes are concerned, it is recommended to buy steel coolers. The material prevents rusting over time. Also, solidity allows the models to be more durable.

On the other hand, maintaining hygiene is essential for a product that is exposed to food and beverage residues. Make sure the refrigerator has removable grills and drawers. This feature will allow you to clear the space for cleaning with a damp tissue from time to time. It is recommended that you clean up after defrosting.

Financing and guarantee

Depending on the vendor you choose, the shopping portals we will recommend later may include warranty services. The best options are up to 10 years, while others only cover a five-year period. To get good financing, make sure that the seller in the store is the brand directly.


Considering that a refrigerator is a high-end appliance, its price is considerable. Another filter you can use to determine which items fit your budget is the monetary value.

How to get the most out of your fridge and make sure it lasts for years

In addition to choosing prestigious brands and materials such as stainless steel, you can follow other instructions to ensure your refrigerator has an extended life. Keep in mind the following recommendations:

How to clean your best refrigerator

Maintaining the hygiene of the interior of the refrigerator is essential to optimize its performance. A mixture that you can use for cleaning requires 2 tablespoons of baking soda and 1 liter of hot water. You can also opt for the solution of 1 part apple vinegar and 3 parts hot water.

Now that you know the features and ratings of the coolers, it’s time to check out the online offers. The idea is to take a close look at the models and select the best-rated ones that fit your consumption needs.

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