The best quality Bluetooth speakers for the home

For some time now, it has been common to see Bluetooth speakers making their way into our favorite devices. Generally inexpensive and small in size, they help us listen to music in outdoor situations, such as when we go to the beach or are at the pool. However, the best home Bluetooth speakers meet other requirements. They are larger, powerful enough to be heard clearly, and provide a fantastic listening experience.

Nowadays, the offer of Bluetooth speakers is quite wide, and choosing one can be a small handicap. Do not worry, we provide the keys to purchase your Bluetooth speaker does not pose any kind of problem and becomes an accepted purchase.

Bluetooth speakers

What is a Bluetooth speakerphone?

It is an electronic device that can be connected wirelessly, via Bluetooth, to any device that has this standard. It can be from a computer, a laptop, a tablet, or a mobile phone. Apart from those that are small portable speakers and can be carried practically in your pocket, the Bluetooth speakers for the home must have the following characteristics.

Having said all this, we give you our recommendation on the best Bluetooth speakers you can find today.

These are the best bluetooth speakers for home

Bose SoundLink Revolve

This manufacturer is a leader in the audio industry and knows what it’s up to. It presents us with a cylindrical device that is capable of projecting the music at 360°. It also has a built-in microphone thanks to which we can answer phone calls. Something very useful if, for example, we are carrying out a task and want to talk on the phone at the same time.

Although it is designed for indoor use, with IPX4 water protection, you never know what will happen. Its charging base allows it to be always connected and does not stand out visually in any way. If there is one thing that pleases the speaker, it is its audio quality, so it is a recommended purchase.

Marshall Stanmore II

Lovers of classic aesthetics are in luck. Jim Marshall has been building speakers and guitar amplifiers since 1962. Good proof of this is that the greats of rock have used and still use their systems to make their instruments sound. Good connoisseurs in acoustics, Marshall’s have several domestic Bluetooth speakers on the market, all of them of uncommon quality.

This model is reminiscent of those typical heads used at rock concerts, so if your passion is the more classic rock aesthetic this is your speaker. Nothing to complain about in terms of audio quality – crisp, bright, and with enough sound pressure to impress. It has 15 W of power and Bluetooth 5.0.

Echo Studio

Amazon has done the rest with this device, which was born to stand up to the Apple HomePod but at a much lower price. It’s a smart speaker that you can request practically anything from, and that interacts with most music applications. In other words, you connect your mobile and put on Amazon Music or Spotify, and just enjoy.

Its interior is designed with five speakers in a 360° arrangement, thanks to which a very complete and immersive experience is generated, capable of satisfying the most demanding ears. It also has the advantage of being very easy to use and interact with both your smart TV and any type of connected device. By this, we mean that you can ask it to turn on the lights if you have the right system.

This is our proposal with the three best Bluetooth speakers for your home. For a more than reasonable price, you can mount an audio system at home that will help you better enjoy music or a movie. The revolution to the audio world has come from these small devices.

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