The best air purifiers against dust mites for people with allergies

The air we breathe at home is loaded with dust, pollen, mites and a multitude of bacteria and microorganisms that are harmful to health. Many of these, along with tobacco smoke and pollution in general, also promote the appearance of bad odors and respiratory conditions such as asthma and allergies of all kinds.

Therefore, having an effective and silent environmental purifier at home or in the office as the Rowenta Intense Pure Air, which is considered the best air purifier according to the opinions of Amazon users, is essential. Only in this way is it possible to enjoy pure, pollutant-free air in the home.

What is an air purifier and what is it for?

An air-purifying device is a device that, through the use of ultraviolet radiation, ozone, HEPA filters or negative ions, is responsible for eliminating pollutants present inside the home, office or elsewhere. These toxic substances often leak out of doors and windows that open to the outside. These include mites, the carcinogenic components of tobacco smoke, and those present in car emissions.

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Purifying room air is also essential for people who suffer from asthma or allergies. Beyond such pollutants, an indoor air purifier with a HEPA filter can retain pollen, dust and pet hairs. The best household air purifiers are able to retain more than 99 % of harmful particles larger than 0.3 micrometers, i.e. 0.0003 centimeters.

Air purifiers for the home or office allow the environment to be conditioned. In fact, they are complementary devices to heating and air conditioning appliances and to dehumidifiers and humidifiers. In particular, it is estimated that the best home air purifiers help to reduce the temperature by 2ºC to 3ºC. They also create conditions that prevent the growth of fungi, bacteria, and mites.

How to choose an air purifier?

There are types of purifiers for any room in your home and the most powerful ones are usually used in living rooms

Types of air purifiers

Air purifier with HEPA filter

This is the recommended air purifier for people with allergies. Its operation is very simple. Specifically, it captures the air from the environment and forces it through a purifying filter. It has a mesh screen with pores small enough to retain dust, mites, and other harmful substances in the environment. In addition, they create a dry environment inside, which prevents the growth of mold.

Say goodbye to impurities, bacteria, mites and other particles that are harmful to your health with an air purifier

Air purifier with ionizer

This type of ion-based home air cleaner has a more complex operation than the previous one. Specifically, they release negative ions into the environment in order to create an electromagnetic field that makes dirt particles fall to the ground and cannot be breathed in. In addition, air ionizers are very versatile as they can also include a HEPA filter to enhance their performance.

Air purifier with the ozone generator

This type of purifier is also called an air ozonator. This is because they release small amounts of ozone into the home environment. This gas, present in the atmosphere and of great importance for animal survival, has the ability to destroy the mold and bacteria present in the air we breathe and deodorize it.

However, ozone is a toxic gas for humans. For this reason, health agencies such as the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), do not recommend the use of ozone purifiers in the domestic environment.

Activated carbon air purifier

In terms of odor elimination, the best air purifiers are those with active carbon as, through their filters, they are capable of retaining more than 99.9% of the harmful particles present in the environment. However, they have not proved to be as effective as air purifiers for allergies as they are not able to satisfactorily eliminate as much dust mites, pollen, and dust as those with HEPA air filters.

Ultraviolet light irradiation air purifier

This type of environmental purifier works on the assumption that fungi, bacteria, and allergens when illuminated by ultraviolet light long enough, die. In fact, it is very effective and does not create any problem in the health of human beings. However, they do not have the capacity to reach the whole room if there are many pieces of furniture in it. This is why it is considered the best air purifier for large spaces.

Difference between humidifiers and air purifiers

Humidifiers and air purifiers are complementary devices, but not the same. These are the characteristics that differentiate them:

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As we can see, these purification devices do not increase the environmental humidity, but rather have the opposite effect. In other words, they dry out the environment. In fact, on the market, it is possible to find a dehumidifying and air-purifying device easily for this reason. Therefore, if the humidity level in your home is too low, you should buy a separate humidifier.

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