Best Computer Backpack

A Notebook backpack is a perfect complement to carry your device safely. It can have several compartments and is very practical for when you go to work, for example.

Advantages and fields of application

The dimensions of the backpacks depend on the size of the laptops so you can find a specific pocket inside the bag to store your device. Although laptops tend to come in a standard size, backpacks come in a variety of sizes.

What types of computer backpacks are there?

Just like every product on the market, the computer backpack contains different types, each type has characteristics in common with the others as well as its own characteristics that differ from them, which means comparative characteristics. It all depends on the person and their needs, each type can be more suitable than another. That’s why the 3 most important types are presented in this article. This way you can choose the best backpack according to your opinion and based on your criteria.

1. Computer backpack for gamers

These are usually the most expensive computer backpacks due to the special features of the PC gamer and its peripherals, such as headphones, keyboard, and mouse, that the bag has to offer room for. That’s why you shouldn’t limit yourself to just one review or comparative test of the bags before buying it because of the amount of money you have to invest in it. In my opinion, this type of bag should be especially as comfortable as possible, considering the weight it contains.

2. Computer backpack for backpackers

Do you travel or do you travel very often? In this case, you absolutely need a special computer backpack for backpackers. This type of bag is tested to be suitable as a soft suitcase for travel in the airplane cabin. it allows travelers to comply with the dimensions set by the airlines and presents itself as a multifunctional model. a valuable feature when you want to preserve your back from a long, heavy load and travel light.

3. Computer backpack for women or men

The fact that the bag is designated as a women’s or men’s computer backpack may change some features of the bag including Design and color. Depending on the tastes and opinions of different sexes, the backpack will be shaped. Tests have shown that most men prefer simple, solid-colored bags, while many women find the difference in color an attractive feature, as men’s computer backpacks are usually very dark or even obscure, such as black or navy blue, while women’s computer backpacks are sometimes light or even flowery.

Examples of product evaluation

Better safe than sorry. That’s why brands have developed countless models of specific backpacks for one of the most popular personal items: their laptops. You will find below our selection, based on precise criteria and comparative tests.

Case Logic DLBP114K

This nylon backpack is very practical as it has several pockets.

For example, on the front of the bag, you have a storage area for all important devices such as your phone or power cable.

EverVanz Backpack

This backpack is made of high quality 100% cotton canvas with leather trim and has several compartments and pockets that will allow you to store your laptop and other personal belongings.

WENIG Anti-theft

Here is a backpack that protects against theft thanks to its password lock system.

Tests have proven that its large capacity and multiple pockets allow for the storage of all personal belongings including the computer.

Della Gao backpack

This large capacity backpack with its 20 independent pockets includes an anti-theft lock and durable zippers.

Criteria for buying a computer backpack

Now that you know more about laptop backpacks, let’s focus on the most important criteria to consider to make the best purchase to safely transport your computer. These criteria must be checked or tested before purchasing the backpack. It is advisable to carry out comparative tests of the available products to find the best computer backpack at the end.


This is a characteristic intrinsically linked to the materials used to make the backpack. Waterproof backpacks are generally less stylish, but that doesn’t matter. Some models are waterproof on the inside so that the pockets of electronic devices can be protected from water.


In addition to the materials, there are other protection possibilities. These can be, for example, padded finishes or reinforcements at the corners and base of the backpack. Some models also incorporate hidden compartments, padlocks, or security zippers among others.


The reference measurement for buying the ideal backpack is the thumb of your laptop screen. From there, it’s up to you to establish the capacity you need to carry other items.


Notebook backpacks are very specific accessories, which are not as easily changed as a T-shirt. So you have to appreciate the design if you plan to use them frequently. At the same time, the design of the backpack should match your style of clothing as well as your lifestyle. Brands are aware of this and that’s why they offer different options.

Other options

As we have already mentioned, the possibilities are very vast. In addition to the elements of protection, safety, and aesthetics, you have to think about comfort. Some notebook backpacks incorporate handles and straps that minimize the weight you carry. Others, for example, offer special places for you to put your water bottle or plug in your cables. Of course, there are also other criteria and comparative features on which the choice of bag is based.

Alternatives to a computer backpack

Computer pouch

It also allows you to store your computer. The only drawback is that no other cases go through it.


Are backpacks for laptops more expensive?

There is a wide variety of models and their prices vary according to quality and brand. In general, and as with all other products, the better the finishes and materials, the higher the price will be. The same is true if a range of accessories is provided to maximize the security of your computer. Notebook backpacks are generally more expensive than traditional backpacks. To protect your computer, we recommend that you don’t skimp on the price to make sure you get a good product.

Are there specific backpacks for each laptop model?

Some brands are launching specific accessories for their computers, usually protective covers. However, you don’t need a specific backpack for each laptop model. We recommend that you purchase a generic model of a computer bag that you can adapt to your needs. You should, however, take into account the size of your device and the capacity of the backpack. Most bags are measured by the inches of a computer screen they can fit inside. Typically, they are 15 inches, which is the standard measurement for laptops. Be careful though, as the backpack may not fit if your computer is larger or smaller. That’s why it was necessary to better test the size of your pc on-site on the desired product.

Can I use my computer backpack as hand luggage?

Of course, you do. Your computer will always be safer by your side than in a suitcase handled by other people. However, don’t forget that you will have to pass security checks at the airport or train stations. These controls have very specific regulations regarding devices such as tablets, telephones, and computers. You will be asked to remove your computer and put it aside in a bin to pass through the security scanner. The laptop backpack makes it easier and quicker to pass these checks. Please note that in some countries you may be required by law to turn on your device. So it’s a good idea to have your computer with you.

What do laptop backpacks typically consist of?

Cordura: This is the name of a variety of nylon fabric, resulting from the evolution of rayon in the 1920s. Since then, this material has been improved with high-performance synthetic fibers for different commercial uses and fields of application.

Brands use this fabric to make backpacks because it is much stronger than other materials and preserves colors perfect for a lower manufacturing cost. Your backpack stays like new after many years because it is not made of animal skins. Kevlar: This is one of the most popular materials for textile accessories. This synthetic fabric offers excellent qualities in terms of thermal resistance, ideal for heat protection. It is also a very rigid material, capable of absorbing shocks and resistant to breakage.

Indeed, it is used for example in bullet-proof vests and as equipment for extreme sports. No wonder the price of the backpack is a little higher if it incorporates Kevlar reinforcements. Belts and cords: Elastic waistbands are used to secure pockets and zippers to keep them securely in place. They often have special plastic fasteners. In addition to elastic belts, traditional cord belts are also available. Indeed, some backpacks incorporate straps at hip height to carry the bag more easily, in addition to handles that may have coatings for better aesthetics.

Not only is the backpack more stable, but you also minimize health problems in your back.

What are the best security options?

Unlike hard cases, you will rarely find laptop backpacks with a personalized lock code. But there are many other security options available, whether to prevent theft or to protect against knocks or scratches. For example, some bags are made of padded materials to absorb shocks. When it comes to protection against theft, it is important to know that the arrangement of the pockets can play an important role. Indeed, some backpacks open at the back, where your back is. Besides, pockets designed for electronics may have their own zippers. Finally, some models also include storage for keys or coins.

How can I prevent health risks with laptop backpacks?

Some backpacks offer attachment, closure, and portability systems designed to minimize the damage that the weight of their contents can cause to your back. Although computers tend to get lighter and lighter, after a few hours of carrying them on your back, they start to weigh a lot. Doctors suggest never carrying more than 10% of your weight on your back. If you think you’ve reached this limit, look for a model with padded handles and a belt to attach your backpack to your waist. You can also use the compartments to distribute the weight evenly. Any advice is good to take.