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How to choose the Best Moka Pot? If you love coffee extracted from the classic mocha and have chosen to buy a new coffee maker, then you just have to read our definitive guide on how to choose a coffee maker. On the market, there are more and more models and variants of the Moka, from the electric one to the Neapolitan coffee maker, so we will see in detail the main differences so that you can choose the most suitable coffee maker for your specific needs.

A classic coffee maker or Moka is essentially composed of two components: the first consists of the boiler with valve and the filter containing the coffee powder, while the second component is screwed to the boiler and will be used to contain the leakage of the coffee once the extraction process will take place. In a traditional Moka, thanks to the thermodynamics and the boiling process, it will be possible to obtain a certain type of coffee extraction.

However, there are different types of coffee makers on the market, each of which uses a different way of extracting coffee, so let’s see what are the main differences and which type of coffee maker best suits your needs.

1. Moka Express

The Moka Express is made of stainless steel, aluminum alloy or made of both metals. The Moka is the traditional coffee maker for domestic use to prepare an intensely aromatic coffee, consisting of two components to be screwed together, a handle to handle it, a lid with a knob to lift it and a safety valve.

In particular, the lower component consists of the boiler in which the water is inserted and then the funnel filter filled with ground coffee powder, while the compound that is screwed on top of the boiler, serves to contain the leakage of extracted coffee after passing through the filter and having climbed through the dispensing column.

There is also a version of Moka Express on the market with a cream filter on the dispensing column to obtain a more creamy/foamy coffee, inspired by the espresso coffee served in bars, even if the latter is much more concentrated, aromatic and full-bodied thanks to the right pressure that can be reached by professional espresso machines.

The advantage of a coffee maker with a cream filter is that the coffee is dispensed at twice the pressure of a classic Moka and in half the time.

2. Neapolitan Coffee Maker

The Neapolitan coffee maker is usually made with a copper and aluminum structure and with brass handles or with a stainless steel structure and walnut wood handles, depending on the models of the various manufacturers.

The Neapolitan coffee maker consists of an upper part with a spout and a cylindrical shape to be connected to the lower part with a double section, i.e. formed by two cylinders, one of which represents the boiler in which to introduce water, while the second cylinder integrates the filter to be filled with coarse ground coffee powder.

The peculiarity of the Neapolitan coffee maker is that when the water boils it is necessary to remove it from the stove and turn it upside down so that the boiling liquid slowly drops drop by drop to obtain an infusion of coffee characterized by a delicate aroma.

3. Electric Moka

The electric moka is nothing more than the classic moka ba with an electric heating base. It is suitable for both home and office use and is usually equipped with a programmable digital timer to set the coffee brewing time with auto-off function. With these types of coffee makers, especially those in the medium/high range upwards, it is also possible to brew barley instead of coffee, set the intensity of the aroma and keep the drink warm once brewing is complete.

In particular, among the technical elements to know how to choose an electric coffee maker, you must highlight the power that is normally between 170 and 850 watts, the weight between 0.7 and 1 kg, the LCD display on the base to read the best options to be selected and the dirt filter.

In addition, it is necessary to take into account the capacity of the boiler according to the coffee cups we intend to fill, the power indicator light and finally it is appropriate to ensure that the handle is sufficiently ergonomic and anti-scald.

In addition, it is necessary to underline the fact that the support base must not become excessively hot in the lower part, but must remain at most lukewarm so as not to damage the surfaces on which it is used. Among other things, it should be noted that the size of the electric moka is minimal compared to other types of appliances.

Other important features to highlight when choosing an electric coffee maker are the so-called “cream filter”, which is essential if you are going to drink a coffee similar to an espresso, so with a slightly creamier consistency and a more intense aroma, but don’t have too many illusions: if you want to drink an espresso, look at our ranking with the best coffee machines.

4. A Unique Coffee Maker

Among the many types of coffee makers on the market is to highlight the Kamira coffee maker, an all-Italian product, invented by the Sicilian Nino Santoro. This coffee maker, equipped with a filter holder on the arm like a real espresso machine, is able to prepare a very full-bodied and aromatic coffee that ranks halfway between a mocha and an espresso machine.

In particular, the operation of the Kamira coffee maker focuses on the steam, which through the coffee blend at a pressure of about 4 bar, allows you to obtain in 30 – 40 seconds a coffee intensely aromatic, concentrated, full-bodied and with the cream on the surface that can vary in quantity according to our needs, depending on the amount of water that we put in the boiler and the time when we stop dispensing. With this coffee maker, we, therefore, have complete (manual) control over the coffee made.

The coffee that is obtained with this coffee maker is particular and very good because it is able to extract the coffee while maintaining all the main aromas, allowing it to be used on any heating surface, then gas stove, electric and induction hobs. The result? Considering that it is all a matter of taste, we can only tell you that if you love the espresso coffee of the bar, you will also love the espresso obtained with Kamira.

5. French Coffee Maker

The French coffee maker, which is also known as a piston cUffee maker, piston coffee maker or French Press or Coffe Plunger, consists of a glass container into which both ground coffee and boiling water are introduced to make a coffee infusion.

In particular, a piston ending in a circular filter is connected to the lid of the French coffee maker. This plunger is brought upwards and then pressed down gently so that the filter collects the coffee powder to sift the infusion.

6. Filter Coffee Pot

The filter coffee maker, also known as the filter coffee maker, is a manual or electric appliance that uses the infusion method for the preparation of coffee.

In particular, the coffee prepared with this filter coffee pot is obtained by pouring boiling water on a paper filter containing the ground coffee. The coffee from the infusion is then collected in a cup or jug ready to be drunk.

OUR CHOICE – Moka Pot:

1. Alessi – 9090/3

Alessi 9090/3 is a high-quality product made entirely of 18/10 stainless steel with a magnetic bottom, a coffee maker designed by Richard Sapper that has become over time a true icon of the brand Alessi, which in turn is one of the greatest icons of Italian design in the eyes of the world.

Of course, the quality of the coffee prepared by this coffee maker is really very high, offering back to back part of the investment needed to make this jewel.

The Alessi 9090/3 is a precision instrument that will maintain its perfection over time, gaining taste as the experience increases as with all coffee machines that really have a value.

This is not to mention that it is simply beautiful, a true pearl of design that for years and years has always shown a style perennially modern, as always the hallmark of the brand Alessi which is now a symbol of Made in Italy in the world.

But like all the pearls contained in the Top brands, obviously Alessi 9090/3 is also characterized by an equally important price, a figure not extreme if we consider that this coffee machine will be ready to serve us for years, but still considerable and not just affordable for everyone.

2. Bodum Kenya

A French coffee maker with a capacity of 0.35 liters, equal to 3 cups of coffee. It is also available in 4 and 8 cup sizes, which corresponds to one liter. The frame is made of reinforced nylon and the carafe is made of borosilicate glass, a type of heat-resistant glass. The filter is made of stainless steel. It is dishwasher safe.

The Bodum brand is quite well known and respected by users. The reviews say that it is an excellent coffee maker, made of durable materials, easy to use and also beautiful to see. It is used both for coffee and to prepare barley or herbal teas. The carafe is not separable as in other models.

3. Coffee Gator

This French coffeemaker is a little different from the previous ones. It is designed to keep the coffee warmer. How? With the 304 stainless steel carafe that keeps the drinks inside warm for over half an hour longer than the glass. It also has a double layer filter that completely prevents the passage of coffee grounds. The manufacturer offers a money-back guarantee!

The capacity is one liter, which as you have seen corresponds to about 8 cups of coffee. The manufacturer does not recommend washing it in the dishwasher. The reviews are all positive. Buyers are especially satisfied with the quality of the materials, as the coffee maker looks indestructible.

4. Ariete 1358

An affordable option that does not compromise the quality of the coffee obtained is the electric coffee maker Ariete 1358. This is also removable from the base, and has a metal boiler and the top of the body made of plastic, the plastic in this case does not give the same feeling of solidity, however, the design is very nice and out of monotony, especially in the white color.

The capacity, like many other models, is 4 cups, but thanks to the filter adapter included in the box it can be comfortably reduced to 2. Among the functions, you can appreciate the one that keeps the coffee warm for up to 30 minutes and the automatic shutdown. there is no timer to program the brewing, which has times that are around 4 minutes and a half for 4 cups and about 3 minutes for 2.

In view of the price, this is an excellent purchase that satisfies even the most demanding in terms of coffee.

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