The window cleaning robot buying guide

More and more households benefit from the advantages and comfort of a window cleaning robot. Nowadays, a large number of different models are offered in the trade. You can quickly lose track of them.

As an independent comparison portal, we have therefore made it our business to protect you as a consumer from making a bad purchase and to prepare you sufficiently for the purchase of such a device with our guide. Our special attention is thereby on the evaluation and summary of window cleaning robot tests and different customer opinions. Thus we can offer you comprehensive information and overview.

What is a window cleaning robot and why do I need it?

If you have ever cleaned your windows or mirrors you know how tiring and exhausting this can be. A well-known problem is the formation of streaks and water stains on the window. And this is exactly where the window cleaning robot comes into play. Such a cleaning robot cleans your window panes completely automatically and thus actively supports you in your household. You can find out exactly how the cleaning robot works and what you need to bear in mind when using it on our website.

A window cleaning robot cleans your windows quickly and reliably. Thanks to the way the robot works, you don’t have to worry about streaks or water stains from now on.

Window cleaning robot test: Our cleaning robot recommendations!

Our window cleaning robot recommendations are based on different customer opinions and the technical data provided by the manufacturer. We ourselves have never tested a window cleaning robot at any time. The models we recommend are sometimes absolute bestsellers and are very popular among customers. If you are looking for a new cleaning robot, you should definitely take a look at the following models.

Why a window cleaning robot is absolutely worthwhile!

Window cleaning robots are optimal cleaning devices for cleaning high and difficult to reach windows. They also serve for safety, as you don’t have to perform any acrobatic tricks to reach the top corner. The window cleaning robot is also ideally suited for outdoor use thanks to its intelligent anti-fall algorithm. Among other things, the cleaning robots are also available with remote control, for convenient and safe cleaning of the window from the sofa.

The functionality of a window cleaning robot!

To start the window cleaning robot, fix it to the window and switch it on. By generating a vacuum, the robot sucks itself onto the window pane. The cleaning is now carried out by the cleaning robot by moving the glazing in a targeted manner. As the cleaning robot has a large number of different sensors, it calculates its travel route in advance and then controls all areas of the window pane. With the included remote control, you also have full control of the cleaning robot at all times and can also control it manually.

The cleaning robots from the higher price ranges have sensors with which they can even detect abysses and can therefore also be used on frameless glazing.

What you should consider when dealing with a cleaning robot!

To prevent damage to the robot, always switch off the robot before removing it and wait until the vacuum has been completely removed. You should also always make sure that the emergency battery is fully charged. In this way, you prevent the cleaning robot from reducing the vacuum and falling down in case of a possible power failure. If you want to be absolutely sure, you can also use the safety rope. In most window cleaning robot test reports, the emergency batteries have proven to be very useful.

The use of the window cleaning robot outside!

Anyone who wants to use his window cleaning robot outdoors, for example, to clean the greenhouse, should pay particular attention to the safety systems. A fall from a great height can endanger passers-by and cause injuries. When using the robot outdoors, we advise you to use an additional safety rope in addition to the emergency battery. This way you and your window cleaning robot are doubly secured and nothing should go wrong.

Window cleaning robot test: What should I pay attention to when buying?

It is above all personal demands, wishes, and needs that play an important role in the decision to buy a window cleaning robot. The cleaning robot is available in different versions and sizes. Decisive for the decision of your new window cleaning robot is among other things the number of glass surfaces. Do you need a device for large glass facades or do you only need to clean standard size windows? The result of a window cleaning robot test can also influence your choice.

You should also pay special attention to the safety systems against a possible crash of the window cleaning robot. There are window cleaning robots with a rope safety device and a battery for emergency power supply with which the vacuum is maintained even in case of a sudden power failure. Also, the volume of the device should not be ignored. An average window cleaning robot produces a working noise of about 65 dB. To give you a comparison, a normal vacuum cleaner makes about 100 dB. Since you often watch the cleaning robot at work, the design should not be neglected. Another important criterion for most buyers is certainly the purchase price.

Window cleaning robot test: How expensive is a window cleaning robot?

For a window cleaning robot, you should plan a little more money than for a cheap window vacuum cleaner. According to a large window cleaning robot test, a medium three-figure sum is usually required for the purchase. With the help of our comparison, we offer you a comprehensive overview so that you can quickly find a suitable device for your budget. To save costs, online purchase is definitely a good idea. On the Internet, you have a much larger selection of different devices and you also pay a lower price than in local stores. Another particularly positive aspect of buying online is the 14-day right of withdrawal. You can easily order a window cleaning robot on the Internet, test the device and, if you don’t like it, return it to the dealer within 14 days free of charge and without giving any reason.

Window cleaning robot test: Do I need extra accessories?

No, no additional accessories are required in addition to inexpensive standard glass cleaners. Possible accessories such as a safety rope, remote control, or even additional pads made of microfibre are usually included in the scope of delivery and do not have to be purchased separately. The only nominal accessory we can think of is an extension cable with which you can increase the range of the window cleaning robot.

Window cleaning robot test conclusion: Cleaning robots are a real relief!

Nowadays there is a suitable robot for almost every area of application in the household which is happy to take over our work. In addition to the well-known vacuum cleaning robots and lawn mowing robots, window cleaning robots have now also established themselves. A window cleaning robot supports you in your everyday life and allows you to spend your time with nicer things than cleaning the windows. Meanwhile, the small robots have mature and reliable technology and clean the glazing of your home almost without stains and streaks. With the help of a suitable window cleaning robot test, you can easily find the best model.