Hairdryer: how to choose the best products?

Almost a century has passed since the invention of the first hairdryer: since then, this small appliance has evolved incessantly, leading to the birth of a very wide range of models and professional products capable of excellent performance. Here are some practical tips for choosing the best hair dryers.

Let’s start with the base: how does a hairdryer work? The principle is simple: by means of an electric motor, the hairdryer sucks in air from the back and brings it into contact with a resistor, that is a component that heats the air bringing it to a comfortable temperature for the hair; at this point, the air is expelled from the front of the hairdryer, creating the warm breath that we all know.


The first models of hair dryers were bulky, heavy, noisy, and usually failed frequently. The evolution towards the best hair dryer has always focused on solving these problems, gradually creating products that are increasingly comfortable and performing. The choice of the best hair dryer must be based on the evaluation of these qualities: let’s see them in detail.

Silent: given the proximity to the ear, the most sought after quality of a hairdryer is the quietness. It is therefore not surprising that silent hair dryers are the most appreciated and sought after, especially at a professional level, where customer comfort comes first. The best hair dryers often have a built-in silencer that guarantees an extremely low noise level, very tolerable by the human ear.

Lightness: lightness is the second characteristic that distinguishes the best hair dryers. A lightweight hairdryer is easy to handle, does not tire your arms and hands, can be oriented in the desired direction with more comfort, and can also be used easily by children. Hairdressers themselves, who hold different professional tools for many hours, benefit enormously from a lightweight hairdryer. From this point of view, the market has made great strides, and the best hairdryers available today are very light.

Low consumption: low energy hair dryers offer two advantages: they allow you to lower your bills and reduce the impact on the environment, contributing to the path to a greener world. The secret of a low-consumption hairdryer is power: great power allows you to minimize the drying time of the hair, thus leading to optimizing energy consumption.


Curly hairdryers require higher quality than mid-range hair dryers. So we dedicate a specific paragraph to this type of hair dryer, identifying the most important features that the best hairdryers put in place to preserve your curls.

Parlux has included these features in its best hairdryers, creating impeccable hairdryers for curls. In the range of our products we find in particular two hairdryers that prove to be excellent allies for wavy or curly folds:

Parlux Alyon

The latest creation by Parlux, this hair dryer comes with a specific diffuser to maximize the volumes and curves, define the curls and give naturalness to the hair. Parlux Alyon takes ion technology to the next step, thanks to “Air Ionizer Tech” technology that allows you to dry your hair quickly and naturally, preserving its moisture – essential for bulky curls.

Parlux Advance

It is the benchmark in the professional hairdryer industry. This appliance is also an excellent hair dryer for curly hair thanks to the many technological features that enrich it. In addition to a specific diffuser for sculpting and defining curls, Parlux Advance boasts Ionic & Ceramic® technology that combines ceramic coating with negative ions to dry the hair in a smart and healthy way.


The best professional hairdryers combine all the qualities seen so far, presenting themselves as cutting-edge products for those who have very high aesthetic requirements and performance. Parlux hairdryers are probably the best example, in this sector, of Made in Italy worldwide success: their fame extends to 60 countries around the world, offering every day professional services to hairdressers, hairstylists, or simple private individuals who want the most from their hair.

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