Clothing for cats: which clothes to choose?

While wearing clothes in cat’s homes can be useful to protect them from the cold when they go outdoors, some owners see this as a fantasy, at the risk of disturbing their companion or even making him look ridiculous!

Cats can suffer from the cold outside, encouraging you to protect them with appropriate clothing, but they are still a solitary and independent animal that, in addition, knows how to regulate their temperature. There is no need to invest in clothes that, in addition to annoying or even making your cat ridiculous, are most of the time expensive.

What is the use of cat clothing?

Clothing to protect from the cold

If an apartment cat does not specifically need clothes, those who go out can, in winter, suffer from the cold they face. Then rely on the ranges of clothing dedicated to animals, including vests or coats, to protect your companion’s body. Since their pads are also sensitive to cold, pads can be useful to protect them from freezing and prevent injuries to their legs.

Clothing for cats: from useless to ridiculous

If you think that a sweater for your cat that goes out in the middle of winter is necessary, that is your right as an owner. However, there is no need to use clothing for a house cat with a perfectly regulated temperature. Wearing clothes, in this case, may turn more ridiculous than useful. If you find a bandana, tie or tulle dress to be cute accessories, this tendency to dress pets tends to confuse the cat with a doll. However, cats are solitary animals that do not like to be overhandled and interfere with their mobility. To take care of your cat, leave her alone!

Which cat clothes to choose?

When choosing the clothes your cat will need, especially in extreme cold, think about how practical they are. These clothes must be adapted to your cat’s size, in other words, the length of his body, measured from his neck to the base of his tail. Also, measure his or her neck and chest size to buy clothing that does not tighten and is comfortable. Few clothes are still intended for cats: then bet on clothes for small dogs, whose size is similar to that of cats.