Bedroom lighting ideas

Bedroom lighting ideas? Available solutions: chandelier, spotlights, led strips, applique. Where to place the light points: a bedside table, wardrobe, relaxation corner.

Studying the best system for how to light the bedroom allows you to experience the environment dedicated to rest at night also at other times of the day, creating a room to go to for relaxation during the day.

Finding the right lighting source is important to facilitate all kinds of activities that take place in the nightclub.

How to light the bedroom: solutions

The range of choices available is very wide, starting from the simplest elements such as lamps to the most important solutions such as chandeliers and spotlights recessed in the false ceiling.


Although it is considered as the first option to be adopted, the chandelier cannot be the main light source in the bedroom.

As a result of the strong lighting it generates once it is switched on, it would certainly bother the guests of the room during the sleeping phase.

In addition, unless you have a large room, the chandelier would irradiate an area of the room that is little used.

However, it remains a solution with a high scenic effect, particularly if large, in crystal and with special processing in plastic material.

If you are looking for a cheaper solution, the ceiling light becomes an interesting element.

On the market, a wide range of models, for shapes and materials, can ensure the presence of a central light point in the bedroom.


If you like light points on the ceiling, an interesting mode is the LED spotlights recessed into the ceiling of the room or inserted into rails.

Placed at a distance of about 30-40 cm from each other, they can become a decorative element of the room, as well as being highly functional.

LED strips

An original idea could turn out to be the choice to place LED strips, especially when there is not much space available.

On the market, then, there are different options, with stripes in particular sizes and colors.

To deepen the discussion we recommend reading our guide on how to light the different rooms of the house with LED strips.


With the choice of an abat-jour to light the part near the bed, you often opt for a delicate and soft style.

The lampshade also helps to limit the light beam, preventing it from bothering the person in the bed who is resting.

The convenience of the button makes it easy to switch on and off.


The idea of a wall sconce ensures that the bedside table remains free, a space is so suitable for placing small personal items.

The models on the market with extendable and adjustable arm guarantee functionality, being able to direct the beam of light where desired in a practical way.

How to light the bedroom: lighting points

Regardless of the size of the room, in the bedroom, the different corners and areas deserve a different light, depending on the function to which they are dedicated.

Bedside table

On the shelf next to the bed, where small objects are placed before going to bed and a book to read to reconcile sleep or simply for passion, the best light source is a lamp with a folding arm, so as to direct the beam of light towards your bed position.

A charming solution is represented by an abat-jour, in antique, ethnic or design style.

Its discreet presence on the bedside table allows having at hand the power button for morning or night awakening without waking up those next to us in bed.

Modern versions of the abat-jour consist of models with USB plug included, which allow you to charge smartphones and other devices in a convenient way.

If you like to have the bedside table free for personal needs, you can install wall sconces, with geometric shapes and designs that find ample freedom on the market.

Examples of wall lamps with adjustable arms will then facilitate the direction of the light beam in the evening when reading or other activities should not bother the neighbor in bed.


In the main wardrobe, a solution to save energy is to place spotlights in the upper part of the cabinet, with energy-saving LED lights.

In this way the spotlights are activated when the doors are opened, thus avoiding consumption if you forget to switch off the light after use.

The idea of spotlights is comfortable when the wardrobe is dark in color, a shade that does not help to reflect the light of the room into the cabinet.

Relaxation corner

If the bedroom is large enough, it may seem comfortable to create a relaxing corner, preferably near the window, where you can sit when you feel like enjoying the peace of the room, to consult a magazine or just to enjoy the view.

A small armchair, combined with a small table, where to place a glass or personal belongings, needs the right lighting.

A high-stem lamp, equipped with a dimmer to adjust the light intensity, ensures the right amount of light.