Buy disinfectant spray

It is not without reason that spray disinfection is one of the most popular types of disinfection. A disinfection spray is immediately ready for use, easy to handle and quick to apply. In the case of wound disinfection, the spray effect makes it possible to avoid painful contact with the injury. The disinfection spray can also be used for hand and surface disinfection. Especially in the case of very small surfaces that are difficult to access, spray disinfection can be a useful substitute for wipe disinfection.

Agent against bacteria, fungi, and germs

Bacteria, viruses, fungi, germs. Everywhere where many people meet, they are at home. Personal hygiene and a clean environment help to fight against these pathogens. If our immune system is strong and alert, the intruders have hardly any chance. Nevertheless, even small injuries, wounds or burns should be treated and observed in the best possible way. Because even a constantly strong defense system can have tiny little gaps, which make it easier for viruses and bacteria to penetrate.

If our body’s own defense system does not manage to detect and combat the intruders promptly, for example, a seemingly harmless graze wound can develop into a larger focus of inflammation. In order to reduce the risk of infection, affected persons should carefully remove dirt particles from the wound immediately after the injury, also gently clean and disinfect as far as possible.

Disinfection is an important medical measure in which the infectious agents are contained in the best possible way. If a disinfectant is used correctly and above all promptly, infections or transmissions can be prevented in advance. However, it must be taken into account that there will not be a 100% reduction in germs. Nevertheless, this occurring containment of the pests is usually sufficient. Our body’s own immune system (except in extreme cases) manages the rest by itself.

Disinfection spray – part of the antiseptic method

What is a real must in hospitals and sanitary facilities should not be neglected, especially in the home environment? Elderly, sick, but also immunocompromised persons, as well as infants and toddlers, often depend twice as much on good hygiene – as this is an effective protection against dangerous germs and bacteria. Therefore, in our medicine chest, in addition to plasters and other bandaging materials, the disinfectant spray should always be available for first aid.

Disinfection sprays for rubbing into the skin are preferably bactericidal, fungicidal, tuberculocidal and to a limited extent virucidal. These agents contain as active agents, for example, 2-propanol, 1- propanol. Mecetroniumetilsulfate, propanol or ethanol.

Further disinfectants or disinfectant sprays can be found in preparations for application or spraying onto smooth surfaces, also for disinfecting medical instruments and for general hand disinfection in the care and sanitary sector. Disinfectant sprays are available in different variations and from different manufacturers.